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Modern Japanese Male!!
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Modern Female
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A Modern Wedding!!
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Monday, September 8, 2014

Encouraging Femininity in Men & Boys

Femininity in Males is Increasing...Women are Enjoying the "Soft & Pretty" Boys!!!
Male stewardesses!!!
Welcoming: The team of (left to right) Nathatai Sukkaset, Dissanai Chitpraphachin, Phuntakarn Sringern and Chayathisa Nakmai greet passengers
Tantalizing traps

“Couple That Likes Panties”

Since: Oct 10
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#4 Dec 28, 2010
I love making my husband wear panties, pantyhose or lingerie. I have even made him wear costumes. More woman need to understand that its no big deal and that they could use some extra spice in the bedroom. Fact is that most men who crossdress are straight men who are either married or in a relationship with a woman. Woman who are open minded and willing to listen and not jump to conclusions will find that finding out there man crossdresses is of no threat to there relationship. Most woman like myself have found that a man who likes panties and lingerie makes for a much better lover. They are just so much more intune to your emotions and your pleasure. When my husband is wearing panties, pantyhose or lingerie he seems 10 times harder and he is like the energizer bunny and he could care less about what I am going to do back to him, he is all about what he is doing to me. I love seeing him in satin panties, black stockings, he also looks great in pantyhose. We have a good selection of panties in all styles, but mainly satin, also we have some bodystockings, stockings, corsets, and teddies. Matching panties and lingerie is always fun. We have a few costumes, and those are always really fun. Check out our profile for more about us.


#6 Jan 6, 2011
I did not make my husband start crossdressing but once I understood it I have set rules for my husband and his crossdressing. There are several evenings a week and on Saturday mornings where he must dress fully as a woman including clothes, makeup, nails, heels and a wig. We have specail rules for Saturday. He has to incorporate some form of women's clothes in his everyday dress as well. So in a sense I am making him crossdress but he would dress no matter what I did. Sometimes I help him dress and sometimes I do not. Making him dress completely several times a week makes him less depressed and better around the kids. (He is not dressed as a girl around the kids.) Love making is better too. I have learned that male to female crossdressing is much more common than I realized.

Kelly BF

#7 Jan 6, 2011
I crossdress 75% of the time. In the beginning, 10 years ago when I married my wife, she tried to keep it our secret. Now after all these years, I go for weekly pedicures with wifey, go out dressed and we do all our clothes shopping together.

I've transitioned from being a husband to becoming more of a wife. She works and I take care of the home. I really like living as a girl. Both of us enjoy the the role reversal.
I'm very happy this way and one day I may start taking hormones and becomes a TS. That's my goal.

Tantalizing traps
Tantalizing traps

Tantalizing traps

Crossdressing son

Posted by
on Jul. 5, 2014 at 3:45 PM
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I love and support my 17 year old son's crossdressing,I call this a special gift he has.This started when he was 6 years old,he liked walking in a few pairs of my heels and knew there was something going on.Good thing is I knew this was not a phase at all.Then as he got older,he told me that he liked wearing girl's clothes once in a while.I knew right away to love and accept him,this is who he was and I have been supportive ever since.My husband,his dad, and family and friends are supportive also.He goes by Kelsey when dressed and I always say Kelsey when she is out.I know this makes my son happy,this is his way of expressing himself in a non destructive way.I did my research and crossdresser came up.My son loves living his life as male getting in touch with his female side.I do spend time with Kelsey also,this is my way of getting to know Kelsey.We go shopping together is one way I spend time with Kelsey,she picks out clothing I approve of.Kelsey is glad I am there for her as a loving mother.We even started going to a support group of mothers that have teenage sons that are crossdressers on Thursday night.It brought us together more.

Tantalizing traps

Tantalizing traps

The "New Age" of Men!!!!

Feminized Men Make the Best Husbands! Women that Take Control of their Relationships with Men and Boys, and Encourage Male Femininity are the Pioneers of the Future!

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Men & Women of the 21st Century!!!

Today is a "Picture Story" of where we are in the 21st Century...ENJOY!!!!

Male                                                                    Female
Man & woman 21st century

Male                                                              Female
Man & woman 21st century

Male                                                                          Female
Man & woman 21st century

Male                                                                   Female
Man & woman 21st century

Male                                                          Female
Man & woman 21st century

Male                                                                   Female
Man & woman 21st century

Male                                                                    Female
Man & woman 21st century

Male                                                              Female
Man & woman 21st century

Male                                                       Female
Man & woman 21st century

It is surely becoming More and More of a "Woman's World"! The Men really do Look Adorable in their Dresses though!!!!   LOL 

Sarah Myles

Feminized Men Make the Best Husbands! Women that Take Control of their Relationships with Men and Boys, and Encourage Male Femininity are the Pioneers of the Future!

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Women Taking Initiative!

The Rise of the Independent Female!!!

Who's Wearing the Pants Now???
Monica Bellucci #vanityfair
Casey Legler
Boi Society is a creative group of lesbians from around the world, that came together to display lesbian pop culture. We have created a platform to highlight aggressive women from around the planet. We are not here to label. We love all women Androgynous, stud, butch, stem, femme, boi, top, bottom, bisexual, no label, etc. We are only here to let the world know that this society exists and that they are beautiful, sexy, handsome, intelligent, fashionable, street, couture and above all Amazing...

Tomboy Fashion: Back to Basics Casual Wear---i'm gonna rock this in the early summer! Minus beanie. Plus ballcap.
Saint Harridan suit --- my goodness I want it ~J
Below the Question was Posed to women If they Enjoyed Feminizing Men...then the Responses came.

Ladies / Woman

by Courtneigh about 3 years ago
How many of you really enjoy feminizing men ? Why ? To what level would you be prepared to take it ?

TwystedDesireTwystedDesire: | report
I enjoy forced fem. To the degree really depends on the slave and what they enjoy out of it. I have previously owned a male who loved being a sissymaid and everything about it. I have been with ones who loved womens lingerie, wearing make up and other womens clothing a lot. I'm currently with a boy who loves to wear hosiery, panties and heels alot for Me. He is also a sissy maid and will be fem in any way I wish. For me its like having a girl and boy all in one. It taps into My bi sexual desires at times. I find it very sexy to see a man/tv/cd in women's clothing. I think it is something that a lot of people are still unsure of. Some people get completely offended at the suggestion and others just aren't sure who to discuss it with.

msTlilianmsTlilian: | report
I'm completely new to this scene. Because we were friends for a very long time before we started dating, we were taking the whole sex thing slow anyways. I thought it was very romantic. It was only after quite some time that I learned about the chastity cage that he had locked himself into. I didn't quite understand it, but immediately started doing the research and embraced it.
And then, just as we were moving in together, I was finally told about the sissification. Again, a bit of a surprise, but it certainly didn't turn me off. When you love someone, you choose to love the WHOLE someone, not just bits and pieces. At least that is how I operate. I am now starting to be a very active KH and make the demands that I know s/he wants and it only gets better each day. I wholly embrace this and look forward to an amazing life of being served by my beautiful sissy maid and wanna be slut.

MercyMaliceMercyMalice: | report
As another woman posting about her desire-I love it! I didn't know how much I loved it until I found a partner who was curious about it. I remember before we were in a relationship, hadn't really met up before other than bumping into each other at one event, and I asked him if there was anything I should know... Most everything was laid on the table already, his fetishes, what he was looking for, etc etc, and he said he was curious about crossdressing. Early on in our relationship it was the first thing I pushed for and I still push when he gets hesitant about dressing for an outting or event or somewhere that family might find out. I'd love to force the whole nine yards and have him live as my girl but there are factors in our lives currently that don't allow for it. Soon enough though!
I enjoy feminization play, including "forcing" them to enjoy it... I have taken it "all the way" through hormones, breast implants and full sexual reassignment surgery with one very special submissive (we broke up shortly after).
Others aren't looking to take it that far and instead stay female for only a few days at a time with me, or part time. :-)

dominalisadominalisa: | report
-Yes I really enjoy it. And have for a long time.
-why? because it's fun, because certain ones look hot, and because it just turns me on.
-to what level am I prepared to take it? it depends on the person. Everyone is different

SarahQueenBSarahQueenB: | report
I absolutely love it. The power exchange, the feeling I get being in control is very addiciting and such a turn on for me. There's nothing quite like it. I'm almost at the point where I can't even think about being with a male that is dominant at all.

Two girls.  One is a very happy boy.
Femme Side: Photo

Dominant woman, meek male
i love those kinda nights with my wife :) theyre the best

Now Knowing that Many Women would indeed Enjoy having Feminine Men in their is what the Future could hold for Many Couples!!!

I Love to Be Her Male Housewife

It Might Just Become Official Tomorrow.

The economy has really slammed the business I work at and my wife is doing super in her profession and has plans galore for her future. I'm just not the aggressive, alpha person that she is. There are a few things that I have to check on tomorrow, but there appears to be a chance that tomorrow we will make it official that she is the boss, her career comes first, my business will be considered the second income of the household and each and every day after work, instead of maybe a couple of times a week, I will be coming home to put on silkies and a dress and doing all the housework. Everyday. She will never, ever wash another dish, wash or iron another piece of clothing, ever run a vacuum, make a bed, etc. ever again.
Niqqi Niqqi 46-50, M 13 Responses Oct 11, 2011

Your Response


Congratulations on solving your house problem. Do you have laundry facilities in the condo? Spending the morning lugging the laundry up and down the stairs, from the basement to the second floor in 2" heels had me thinking of a condo as well!

I looked that book up on Amazon. I'm not sure if it's for real, either, but it seems interesting enough that I think i am going to order it. Isn't it odd to be in a position that, even though I live it every day, I suspect anyone else writing about it to be making it up! It's a bit of a lonely feeling, actually.

But I mustn't complain. My wife continues to accept my skirts and my service. I have a pretty good life, after all.

Anyway, Niqqi, congrats again on the condo. Sounds like things are going according to plan.
Yes. It is a ground level unit. Even though the community is relatively new, the owner appears to have recently redone the entire unit. She is leaving all of the appliances and they are top notch. We are so happy about it. My wife picked it out and we both love it. You can only imagine the excitement I feel at the thought of moving to a place that is completely move-in ready. I wouldn't be surprised if the owner is an interior designer. If only my wife is completely satisfied with me being her housewife and serving her perfectly it will be a fantasy come true.
I haven't posted in a good while but our house is under contract to be sold and it appears we will have a contract to buy a condo signed the first part of next week.

Has anyone read the book [url=]My Husband is My Maid[/url]? I have downloaded it and have read most of it. I told my wife about it and she wants to read it. Who knows who really writes such books, but it appears to be written by a wife who is pointing out the many benefits of having a submissive sissy maid handling the housework. Like I read from aprilrose many months ago, I want to be indispensable.

I am really excited at the thought of never having to worry about yard work and the like since we will be in a condo and that it will be about 1,000 square foot smaller than our house.
So, have you had your talk about your new profession in the home?
So much of our financial plan was based on the economy and real estate market not collapsing. Now we are in deep trouble. Not so bad, though, to where we might as well just walk away.
Sigh.... The housing market seems to be ruling just about everything these days.
Right you are. The reality in our case is, no, our house is not underwater as I feared and not all the other assets I would hope are protected by bankruptcy.
I tend to agree with Rowena. A one time fantasy is one thing, but in a case like ours , where there is a committed lifestyle, you have to be careful not to paint yourself into a corner before you are ready. You will have your life in dresses and lingerie, and the attendant feminine responsibilities soon enough.
Well, it turns out there are still some things for us to take care of first, so it will be a while for it to get exactly to where we need it to be. Have to sell the house, etc.,.
Reality should ALWAYS be dealt with, otherwise living the fantasy falls apart. Regardless of what others say while expressing their fantasy wishes, reality is always there to bite you if you don't recognize it. ALL of this has to be sorted with her untilSHE is completely comfortable with the new structure. This must be done without any force or encouragement on your part. Up till now, it's been play. Reality is a whole different species. Good luck.
Great decision, Niqqi ! Our Alpha women are better off bringing home the bacon, being head of the household and being responsible for all major decisions. Our women will wear the pants. So let us be their cute, vulnerable and obedient housewives in future ! I am looking forward to be my wife´s sissy housewife 24/7 from next summer, and I am happy to see there are so many more people who love it that way. Yes, that is our future ! We are well ahead.
This is Wondeful. You already Know that she is the Alpha and the Breadwinner. Give Up Trying to be a macho male...that is so Old School 19th Century! become a 21st Century Male...a FEMININE Male doing his Best to be Pretty and Sweet for his Independent Woman. Sell ALL your Male Things and Embrace your Femininity! This IS the Way of the Future!!
Well said, Patti!!!

The "New Age" of Man!!!!!

I want to be a housewife....Anyone know where to buy this?

Sister's uniform.

Womanless Pageant Contestents!!!
"boys in dresses" | boys_in_dresses_by_garretapiary-d65zhhk.jpg

Effeminate Kirk pictured as a young boy
Ernest Ward middle school 2013
Beauty pageant Winner. His Mom is so proud.

Womanless Beauty Review B
FMS womanless beauty pageant session

Feminized Men Make the Best Husbands! Women that Take Control of their Relationships with Men and Boys, and Encourage Male Femininity are the Pioneers of the Future!