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Modern Japanese Male!!
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Modern Female
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A Modern Wedding!!
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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Many Intelligent Women are seeing the Great Benefits of Male Feminization!!

What does Today's Strong & Confident Independent Woman want in a Man?????




It is becoming Increasingly Evident who will be Wearing the Pants from now on!!!


Marthe Sundby

A Man that knows his Proper, Feminine Place in the New Age of Women!!!!

Feminized Husbands: Feminized Husbands

cd: cd

from Ruth
Dear Helga,

I am writing to share our story if you would care to add it as a monthly letter please go ahead. We started off as the average married couple when I discovered my husband had a fantasy. What would you think if you found a folder on the home computer full of men wearing anything from French Maid costumes to satin little girl dresses? I also found copies of letters written by both men and women talking about petticoating in more detail than I cared to read. That all started about a year ago if the dates on the documents were accurate. Helga your name was mentioned on some of the letters which helped me find the website where I got your email address. The whole thing angered me very much although for the most part my husband had no idea what I had learned about him. Looking through the house there was no evidence of him purchasing any of the dresses or costumes but somehow there was reason for me to believe he would.

Putting my anger aside as I did love my husband there had to be a way to capitalize on his fantasy. After reading every letter on your website and others it was time for me to think about having a sissymaid husband too. It couldn't be all that bad with him looking at websites every time he got a chance and for me having a sissymaid was a huge plus. Maybe it was just a fantasy or maybe it was real to him. Helga, following some of the information I read thanks to your website it was time to just see if Barry wanted to be a sissymaid or just look at pictures.

For Valentine's Day I gave Barry an assorted box of nylon panties then watched him open them. Right away he showed signs of guilt however I played along like it was a great gift and many of my girlfriends did the same thing for their husbands. Now if Barry didn't have knowledge of women's clothing and sissymaids he might have tossed them at me telling me no way would he wear them. None of that happened as he sat there looking at me for a few minutes wondering if I found his secret folder.

There was no way I was going to let Barry know what I knew about his secret computer folder. Instead I was going to get him wearing panties and go from there without ever telling about his fantasy folder. A few weeks went by without me talking about his new panties or him talking to me about them which seemed strange to me. Barry was trying to figure out if I knew about his secret folder so much so that for a few days he didn't look at it.

One night I brought home 3 new bras for Barry and a pair of silicone breast forms figuring he would have something to say to me. I showed him the bras and forms to get some reaction which was not much at all which was a sign for me to have him to wear one. A few minutes later Barry was wearing a bra and panties for me. Of course there was a conversation with me basically telling Barry I loved him in panties so much that it only made sense for him to wear a bra as well. All he did was ask why all of a sudden did I want him to wear a bra not mentioning his panties.

Barry did as I asked with far less trouble than I thought of a man forced to wear women's under garments. This got me thinking that the secret folder was no fantasy at all. A few days went by before Barry decided to talk about wearing a bra and panties to me so listened. His biggest concern was why Helga. Can you imagine a man having only one question why his wife wanted him to wear panties and a bra? I explained to Barry that it was becoming popular for men to dress more feminine for their wives. Still looking puzzled Barry continued to wear his bra and panties at home. I on the other hand continued shopping for him while looking at sissy dresses for the future. The more I read and learned the more I figured Barry could be my sissymaid. I bought Barry a French Maid costume online locally mostly because it was his size. It would carry me over until a few proper sissy dresses were added.

One night while Barry was putting on one of his bras after a day at the office I walked in on him. That in itself would cause Barry to turn beat red however I never let on his face was red at all. I had him remove his pants then presented him with the French Maid dress, black pumps and stay up stockings. Barry looked at me thinking I must have found his secret folder by now but no way was I admitting anything of the sort. Standing in bra and panties Barry decided not to put on the French Maid dress all of a sudden.

In a way I expected he would give me grief at some point so best to deal with it then. A few days went by with me leaving the dress on the bed when he came home from work without him putting it on. Now Helga you know there was no sex for Barry during that time and I mean nothing not even touching. Barry continued to wear his bras and panties which told me he was interested enough but maybe embarrassed to go further. We know men don't we Helga and in time they will do anything to have their penis satisfied by their wives.

On the weekend after 6 days of no sex, no love, Barry decided to try wearing the French Maid dress and stockings by himself. He politely asked me to zip him up which I gladly did without hesitation. With Barry standing before me nicely dressed I pulled down his panties to give him a well deserved blow job. Right away in his brain he saw wearing his new dress was associated with sex which was exactly what I wanted him to see. I let Barry know he did good by putting on his new dress and that I knew he would sooner or later just like other men.

Barry was still holding back wondering if I knew about his secret folder however this was my fantasy now and holding back any knowledge of his fantasy was my game. One night I even talked to Barry about him as a sissymaid having all kinds of pretty dresses to wear for me. He kept his secret close to his heart never admitting anything.

As the days went on Barry continued to wear his French Maid dress and even learned to walk in heels. There were a few comments about why and such however for the most part they were ignored. I slowly began training Barry to clean the house while dressed so he associated his French Maid with serving me. Barry learned how to launder and iron our clothes while I coached him along. My back up line was he was performing just like the book said he would which kept him wondering what might be next.

It wasn't long before Barry's sissy dresses arrived which stepped up the training process and confirmed to Barry that he was becoming that sissymaid of his fantasy. As Barry assumed his role without ever refusing me in any way it was time to take Barry to another level and to show him I was now his Mistress. I started to use a strapon that I bought weeks before on Barry to drive home that he was my sissymaid now and I his Mistress. A few nights a week I would take him hard to show him just how much of a Mistress I had become.

Barry spent over a year looking and fantasizing about sissymaids whether he wanted to be one of just liked to look at the pictures and letters was something he kept to himself. Well his big mistake was doing it behind my back which led me to learn all about it. Barry has never admitted to knowing about this life however now he is living it and will be for a very long time. He accepted me as his Mistress without questions or objections which I credit to the strapon for helping with that process.

Barry is more feminine now than I am sometimes with his shaven body and waxed eyebrows. The question is what will I do to him next? Maybe breast implants. Years ago I would have never looked at Barry as a sissymaid or any of his friends. Now I look at the possibilities with all men even the ones who make us think they are macho men. We shall see if that is still the case when their wives put them in panties. Helga I love your website and all the work you do on it for us. I hope your readers enjoy Barry my sissymaid as much as I did transforming him into one.

Ruth M.

Thank you for your letter Ruth. Congratulations for helping Barry become your sissymaid which I suspect is exactly what he was fantasizing would happen. Kudos as well for keeping an eye on his online activities, no doubt there are many men doing the same, perhaps even while at work, lets hope they have an understanding wife such as yourself prepared to help them.


from Janet's spouse
Dear Helga,

Recently while on holiday Tenerife we were struck how safe and welcoming it is for trans situations, of which petticoating is of course a mild and completely harmless form. My husband who spends all of his time at home as 'Janet' was able to wear a skirt and skimpy top with elegant little sandals and carry a purse round our hotel complex without comment and in the evening in full make up wearing a sarong with a long beautiful lace trimmed underskirt while out for a meal or a drink.

Our maid Anna 'discovered' Janet doing the turn-down service as I had laid out nighties for us both with an "oo la la" and a flashing smile. I told her my husband prefers to be addressed as and referred to in any conversation as female and so "si senorita" became the norm for her to requests from either of us and Janet became comfortable when she tidied up the room being asked about aspects of her feminine existence.

She was particularly interested in her small but obvious breasts. I explained Janet had not had testosterone flowing through her body for many years and a relatively high natural estrogen (for a genetic male) had resulted in a number of physical changes including small girlish breasts which she loves having. Anna asked if she could see them (the Spanish are very open with aspects of the body and sexuality) but Janet agreed it was okay and stepped out of her sun dress, unhooked her bra expertly with both arms round behind like girls do which impressed Anna greatly. Standing there in his underskirt she lifted it to take a look marveling at his flat appearance, rounded belly and hips commenting on her womanly shape after which she gently squeezed Janet's breasts with another "oo la la senorita". Janet is of course now a sprightly 64 years old, she still looks good in a short skirt, she has been kept in skirts pretty much since she retired in 2008.

Janet's spouse

Thank you for your letter. Janet is so fortunate to have you as her spouse. It does seem these days that society is more understanding of transgendered people as the world arcs towards acceptance, at least in some places. Lets hope that trend continues.


Just Sissy Frills: Just Sissy Frills
More Videos of Pretty Men in Public!!!!

Sissy Maids: Sissy Maids

My Sissy Blog: My Sissy Blog

Sissy transvestite shopping: Sissy transvestite shopping

Feminized Men Make the Best Husbands! Women that Take Control of their Relationships with Men and Boys, and Encourage Male Femininity are the Pioneers of the Future!

Sunday, August 30, 2015

The Changes are Here!

The world is changing and traditional gender roles are being flipped on their head. As girls continue to take over the sports arena, boys are finding themselves being pushed towards traditional feminine activities including ballet recitals and beauty pageants.

What is starting to become a more Common Profile:

I am a 66 years young T-girl who has been dressing part-time for over 15 years. Unlike most others, I started fairly late in life but dressing for perfection has become my passion. I am heterosexual and happily married to a wonderful woman who is fully supportive of my transgender interests. (In my case there is a man and a woman trapped in my male body, which makes me a true two-spirit). I would like to meet and communicate with other T-girls or people who have an interest in transgender issues. My interest is purely social and I am not interested in any form of physical interaction. (And you can keep your private bits to yourself thank you.)

And Another.....

Fortysometing t-girl. Outside crossdressing I like computer games, swimming, cycling and pilates. I like reading particularly war history.

Please note I AM STRAIGHT. I am not interested in men at all. My dressing is for my pleasure not to attract blokes. So, please no offers to take me out, poems or declarations of undying love etc etc. I AM NOT INTERESTED.

Also, I DO NOT WANT TO LOOK AT PICTURES OF PEOPLE'S PRIVATE PARTS. I will not have you as a contact or friend if you have such pictures on your Flickr account.

And Another....

I am an occasional crossdresser, lover of women, fashion, and all things feminine. Any genetic girls in the Milwaukee area that are interested in friendship with a special girl feel free to contact me. If you wear a size 12 dress and want to swap outfits even better, I've got plenty of sexy dresses to share.

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you enjoy my stuff. I love comments on my photos but prefer that they are respectful.
XOXOXO, Kellie

Come on guys shave your legs put on your pantyhose and high heels, guys have great legs too so show them off and wear you high heels and enjoy life.

Some Very Pretty Men in Public!!!

You can listen to the podcast on iTunes, or on the individual show posts on the website, OR, you can stream it live on your mobile device using the mobile app. All of those details are here: 2,048×1,365 pixels

Yes. It's a boy. Really. Believe it!

Feminized Men Make the Best Husbands! Women that Take Control of their Relationships with Men and Boys, and Encourage Male Femininity are the Pioneers of the Future!

Thursday, August 27, 2015

The Future Will be Different!

Times are Changing...the Future will be Quite Different from the past!

Girls tackle football? Yeah, it's happening

Eric Adelson
Yahoo Sports
Girls Tackle Football
View photo
The Utah Girls Tackle Football League consists of four teams. (Courtesy UGTFL)
On Saturday, 50 fifth- and sixth-graders came to an elementary school field in West Jordan, Utah, to play some football. Parents and coaches marked off a 60-yard-by-35-yard grid for them, and threw out some smaller footballs for them to throw around. It was hardly an abnormal scene, except for the fact that the players were all girls, and when the scrimmage started, they began tackling.
It was the launch of the first known girls tackle football league in America, it had the blessing of USA Football and the NFL, and there are even bigger possibilities in the distant future.
"The ultimate goal is for women to get paid to play," said Sam Rapoport, the director of development for USA Football. "We'd love to see women's tackle football played at the pro level."
To the dozens of Utah families that showed immediate interest in the league, it has already been a great idea. But in an age of heightened concussion awareness and fear of allowing children to play football, is it a good idea?
The inspiration for the Utah Girls Tackle Football League came from a familiar place: Sam Gordon, the Utah girl wonder who became somewhat of a sensation in 2012 when her father, Brent, published a video of her outrunning boys on a football field. In the days after the surge of attention for "Sweet Feet," the NFL reached out to Sam and began a relationship with the 9-year-old and her family. She even got to go to the Super Bowl and meet NFL commissioner Roger Goodell.
Last March, Sam, now 12, was speaking at a school near her Utah home and asked for a show of hands: How many girls out there would want to play tackle football?
Lots of hands shot up.
That convinced Brent to try it. He had already heard from several local parents who wanted to get their daughters into football but had worries about competition and safety.
"I thought, 'Let's do one division, 50 girls. Let's see what happens.' " Brent told Yahoo Sports. "By the time we got the website up, we only had five days to promote it and it still filled up in that time frame."
Gordon called Crystal Sacco, a former women's football player who had already taken steps to start a league, and Rapoport, who had previously worked for the NFL and played for the Montreal Blitz, an organization in the Independent Women's Football League.
They both loved the idea.
"Tackle football is the most popular sport," Rapoport said. "Boys want to play it and it's America's passion. Regardless of my gender, that's what I wanted to do. I wanted to be like Troy Aikman. That's what you want to do and experience."
Rapoport's support meant two things: credibility for the league, which has four teams, and better safety measures. She worked to ensure that the coaches on the field had training in proper tackling procedures, so that the girls would be practicing "heads-up" hitting.
But is any hitting too much hitting?
View photo
(Courtesy Utah Girls Tackle Football League)
(Courtesy Utah Girls Tackle Football League)
All football brings the possibility of brain injuries, which can lead to serious life effects both in the short and longer term. Isn't that too much danger for a child? Even President Obama, who has two daughters, has said he would not let a son play pro football.
Now add the fact that studies have shown girls are diagnosed with concussions more often than boys. And in 2012, the New York Times reported "younger athletes and those who are female show more symptoms and take longer to recover from a concussion than athletes who are male or older." It's not known why, but possible theories include different strength in neck musculature and varying hormonal levels. (It's also possible that girls self-report more than boys.) Whatever the reason, there is heightened risk for children and perhaps even further risk for girls.
So the fact that Goodell has been "extremely supportive" of girls' football, in Rapoport's words, can seem both forward-looking and backward-thinking. On the one hand, lending support to a girls tackle league helps ensure it's done right. Yet there are viable questions about whether it should be done at all.
"There's no difference between girls playing and boys playing, and I feel strongly about that," Rapoport said. "There's the same risk. No sport is without risk."
She said a "player safety coach" will be assigned to the league, and insisted that "everyone will have eyes on the safety of the sport."
A lot of the onus falls on Brent Gordon, who has invested some of his own money into getting the proper equipment for Sam and the other players, including lighter helmets and better-fitting pads. (He also got financial help from Celtic Bank, based in Salt Lake City.) Just as Sam is the child star who has inspired many, Brent is going to absorb a good deal of the concern about the league.
"I have zero reservations," he said. "I had all four of my kids playing tackle last year. I haven't even heard of a kid who's gotten a concussion."
Still, part of the reason he wants this league to succeed is because he knows at some point Sam will be at a physical disadvantage if she continues playing football against the boys. Even in the video from when she was 9, Sam was one of the smallest players on the field. Sam is probably the most famous female preteen in football history, but she and her dad want there to be plenty more like her in the future. Rapoport built a career out of football, and she wants to help future generations do the same. There are already some women's leagues around the country – roughly 4,000 players overall – but she sees this as an important rung on a ladder for girls dreaming of playing at the highest level.
"Who knows?" she said. "I can see without a doubt a model similar to the WNBA."

While Girls are Playing Football...many Men and Boys are Feminizing themselves....or being Encouraged to be in "Womanless" Pageants!


Many School are doing Annual Womanless Pageants!

womanless beauty pageant - Bing Afbeeldingen-I want to say Hi to all my sister's friends who are now jealous!

2 boys dressed in very pretty dresses for a womanless beauty pageant.


The place where I found this claimed this to be a young man dressed up for some sort of womanless affair.


Feminized Men Make the Best Husbands! Women that Take Control of their Relationships with Men and Boys, and Encourage Male Femininity are the Pioneers of the Future!

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

A New Age!

Men in Dresses are becoming More Common!

❤❤❤ Xoxo -Elliott Alexzander

Female Led Relationships are Increasing!!!

I Dress As A Maid
How do you know you're the maid and your wife is the boss, wearing the pants in you're home?

You know when she gives you a list of jobs to complete for a party, and she leaves them all to you.

You also know when she rushes off to the bedroom and pulls on a pair of jeans for a casual meeting, while you're standing nearby, in a maid uniform and pantyhose, contemplating you're next task.

You also know when she asks you to mop the floor in the back room before she leaves, and she expects it to be done before she gets back.

You know when she expects you to put on you're maid uniform the next day, with a hot new list of jobs to complete, while she either relaxes or supervises you're progress.

That's how you know when you've become your wife's maid, and she's wearing the pants.

Just like my home, where I've forgotten what it feels like to wear pants.
deeken deeken 36-40

Panama, OK (2005)

More Women are Accepting and Encouraging Male Femininity!

I Am A Crossdresser And Our Numbers Are Growing, Join Us
I went out for the first time at Fryday night to see if I am ready for Saturday night. On Saturday night my wife did my make and we went ti the KitKat club in Berlin. It was a little hard to see people looking at me in the street but inside the KitKat club I felt very much AT HOME as a crosddresser.
Thank you very much KitKat club Berlin. I had the time of my life!
IsraeliCD IsraeliCD 36-40

my boyfriend and i properly dressed for a night out.

Out for dinner

Feminized Men Make the Best Husbands! Women that Take Control of their Relationships with Men and Boys, and Encourage Male Femininity are the Pioneers of the Future!

Monday, August 24, 2015

The New Age of the 21st Century!

I Have Embraced My Husband's Submissive Tendencies

A Gradual Understanding

For me it has been a gradual realization that I am in control and have a dominant streak. I’ve been married about 10 years and we both have busy lives so I didn't think of it as much as I should have in the past. However, over the last 4 years I’ve really noticed it. Over the last 2 years I’ve made it very clear who is in charge, no more manipulation or subtlety. I’ve always been picky about the house and I think that has helped this situation along. I really like that the essential chores get done without asking. And he knows my standards and how I like things done. Yes, I am in control sexually as well, I’m amazed at how some males can be controlled by it. Also he’s never been all that macho and is less so now; wears panties, sits to pee (no more messes). All in all I feel much better about our relationship now that our roles are understood.
Jenni56cal Jenni56cal 51-55, F

I Have Embraced My Husband's Submissive Tendencies

A Gradual Understanding Update

Many have asked and I should have written and update earlier. Our relationship has continued to evolve, mainly settling more into our roles. Most evenings I am relaxing while he is catching up on chores: laundry, dishes, ironning... it just goes on. Of course even though he is effeminate now, the guy chores (garbage, handyman...) get done too. He is in a pretty apron (one of his Xmas presents) this evening.

I've read a lot of posts over the year and talked with a few gf's who are also in charge of their lives. It has been very eye openning at how males want to be controlled and how we decide to use them. We are all very different, but I have learned to discipline some (scolding, verbal humiliations, spanked a few times) and manage him more sexaully. At this point I know I am training a housewife and that is very satisfying since my home is important to me.

I like that he is less male and will encourage that more. There is a cooking class coming up I may enroll him in, I'd like to see him go as an effeminate male. I know that others would have him fully dressing by now, but I like going at my own pace. He is a lovely person and will be lovelier.

We both have busy jobs and I am less stressed now and have more time for my freinds. That is good for him too. I'm not fun when stressed and he has direction and guidance. So, take control ladies.
Jenni56cal Jenni56cal 51-55, F

Frilly pink satin maid

The Pretty, Feminine Male in Society!

Mom gave son a cheerleader makeover for Halloween

• 4 weeks ago

Boys in petticoats. I'm wondering just how many boys, in this day-and-age are feminizing them selves. Seems like a lot more these days.. I think more males are seeing the benefit of becoming more connected to things female..and of course society has at least changed a little.

Boys in petticoats. I'm wondering just how many boys, in this day-and-age are feminizing them selves. Seems like a lot more these days.. I think more males are seeing the benefit of becoming more connected to things female..and of course society has at least changed a little.

Feminized Men Make the Best Husbands! Women that Take Control of their Relationships with Men and Boys, and Encourage Male Femininity are the Pioneers of the Future!

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

The Feminization of Males is Increasing!

Male Femininity is on the Rise!   Many Mothers and Wives are Encouraging their husbands and sons to try some Feminine clothing.  The Future for Male Femininity is Bright...and so is Female Empowerment!

embarrassed boy in dress - Google Search

Changes are Occurring everyday!

There will be no more fighting once there wearing ruffled petticoats!

Janice C Parker - Great Businesswoman that instructs others on Male Feminization!

Janice C. Parker is a successful businesswoman who enjoys playing sexual games with her stay at home husband Merrill. Janice shares with women her intimate secrets learned from dominating her husband. Through her books you learn about her sexual play with her submissive husband whom she has trained to be her sissy maid. She strives to help women take off their apron and tie it tightly around the waist of their submissive spouse. She enjoys writing her erotic tell-all books in the hope of helping like-minded women similarly take charge of their lives. Authoritative women and submissive males will both enjoy all of these sexually provocative titles from Janice C. Parker: “My Husband Is My Maid” Janice shares her husband’s secret fantasy and explains how he became her sissy maid. “My Husband Is Still My Maid” The story continues as Janice delves into the erotic aspects of how her husband’s fantasy became her fantasy. “Make Your Husband Your Maid” Janice shares her methods for turning your own husband into a sissy maid. “Become A Sissy Maid” Janice teaches submissive males what a girl really wants. Find out what it means to really be put in service. “Almost Suzie” Enjoy a bit of fantasy as a good friend shares her story with Janice and you of how her step-brother became a sissy maid. What happens when reality meets a Dominatrix fantasy? Find out! “Secrets Of My Sissy Maid” A sizzling and provocative look inside the mind of a sissy maid. “Secrets Of A Reluctant Mistress” Delightful helpful information that even a good girl can use.

Nicole Treuss

Gina is definitely a Man that knows his Place....and this is Growing in commonality!

I go as a sissy to the gym. Below are three entries from my blog describing the increasing effeminate look I had at the gym. In the third entry I have a link to pictures showing my pink workout attire at the gym. And of course i always changed in the locker room too.

ENTRY 1: Being one of the girls at the gym
I have been so inspired by sissy alicia’s blog. Sissy alicia went to the gym wearing feminine workout attire. I have now started doing the same. I looked at Miss D’s blog and she asked sissies to make a New Year’s resolution. Mine was to join a fitness club and start a workout program, and I committed to wear only women’s attire. I wear black shorts with either a pink or blue top, and socks to match the top. The shoes are white and gray with pink accents.
<> In addition to women’s gym attire, I wear a short femme necklace and pink lipstick I do change in the men’s locker room and do not hide the fact that I am wearing panties. My looks are femme, and with a thin shaved body I notice how much I differ from the big strong hairy men that are there.
I hate exercising and could not bear to go as a normal male. I am only motivated if I go as a sissy, because I crave being a sissy and being seen as one in public. Looking more trim and feminine is a big motivation too.
I am doing some initial work with a personal trainer. I told him I do not want to build up my upper body, but want to work on my waist and stomach areas, and that I wanted this so I would look more feminine. He said he would provide overall exercises and focus on those areas. I really want to fit better in some of my old size 8 skirts (am size 10 now).
I am now committed to never wearing a stitch of male clothing at the gym. I will only dress in girls gym clothes because I am a pantywaist sissy. I intend to gradually make my attire more obviously effeminate. I find this all somewhat humiliating, but know I have to do it.
Posted 14th January 2007 by sissy gina

ENTRY 2: Being one of the girls at the gym -more femme
As an addendum, I would like to point out that I have now started wearing a delicate femme necklace and pink lipstick at ALL times when at the gym, in addition to wearing only girl's gym attire. Recently a guy saw me in my overwhelmingly pink outfit, crystal heart necklace, and pink lipstick in the locker room. He said to me, "Uh, excuse me, but this is the men's room". I was taken aback and he quickly left. I could hardly utter an answer. I looked into the mirror at the sink where I was standing and realized with my long hair, relatively hairless body, and femme gym attire, I really looked like I didn't belong there. But they don't have a sissy locker room, so I will just have to be a sissy on display. I am now wondering whether I should be even more femme to empasize my sissy look or simply retain my current femme status at the gym.
Posted 21st January 2007 by sissy gina

ENTRY 3 Photo update on girlie attire at the gym…
Just an update and a few pictures on my girlie gym attire. Initially I wore a complete set of women's attire that was more unisex.
My second generation of attire was more feminine and everything was a mix of pink, black and white. It also included more femme jewelry. I did get a lot of very obviously strange looks but only a few comments.
Now, my third generation of femme gym attire is nearly all pink. That's right, pink capri's, pink top, pink lipstick, pink socks, pink jewelry, all the way down to matching pink panties. The new pictures show this well. Since the pictures, I have added wide pink shoelaces and will be getting more obviously noticable feminine jewelry.
I do change in the locker room and get some odd looks. How far will I take this? I don't know. I do know that dressing in femme attire helps me keep focused on my goal of looking more feminine by being in good trim shape to fit into the extensive pretty girlie wardrobe I have. I also love looking so prissy and girlie. I continue to be such a pansy and love it so.
Posted 29th July 2007 by sissy gina

Feminized Men Make the Best Husbands! Women that Take Control of their Relationships with Men and Boys, and Encourage Male Femininity are the Pioneers of the Future!

Monday, February 23, 2015

The "Non-Threatening" Male!

Men are so Beautiful......Women that are Embracing the "New Age" Male are Better for it!!!


A most happy girly male...

Peach Taffeta & Lace Dress

Mom dresses him like a girl


Perfect Male Maid , I'd do just about anything to be this for my gf  one day wife

Laura Jane Grace and her wife, Heather Gabel. | MTV Photo Gallery#7714475#7714475

I Am A Sissy Made By My Wife
I spend most of my days dressed as a maid now. My day usually consists of taking care of the house and seeing to my wife's needs. She is a career woman and the breadwinner in our relationship, so she pretty much has the control.

She really doesn't like me to argue with her and she often tells me to be quiet if I speak too much. She also corrects how I speak and how I think if she doesn't agree with me. She also prefers to have the last word in conversations and sees her judgment as best. All of this made me feel emasculated over time. It eventually caused me to give into her will and submit to her.

I accepted my role as the domestic in time and have worn a maid uniform at home to show my acceptance of it. I wear the pantyhose so she feels free to wear the pants. She prefers things that way and I have come to be comfortable with it too.

To help me adjust to my role, I recalled how my mother was when I was younger. How she used to stay home and take care of the house. My wife has always been career driven, so I had to think about my mother's example. It has helped me greatly.

The days of the 21st century are interesting times. Women are moving up and taking over. Some men are becoming the support spouses. We are learning to be comfortable with female authority and in some cases, are starting to wear the dresses.
deeken deeken 36-40

I Think Women Should Make Men Wear Stockings And Bra

Just Starting With My Husband, 9 Month Report

Hubby is now fairly sissified after nine months of feminization. He is always kept in chastity and is subject to frequent corporal discipline to reinforce that he is to remain totally submissive, and perform her chores efficiently and without mistake.

He has quite a collection of lovely sissy clothes: Pink and light blue satin ruffled dresses with two petticoats, a real maids uniform I ordered from a hotel supply house as well as more generic skirts and blouses suitable for public wear. She has gotten quite skilled putting on makeup that looks good vs overdone and slutty.

She has several high quality wigs and three bespoke corsets so his figure can be very feminine with large breastforms. While she can't really pass up close, from 15 feet away you would not really notice she is a cross-dressed sissy. She is typically always en-femme at home and over the weekend.

We now go out as two women to lunch, dinner the movies whatever. She can walk in heels as well as I can up to and including 6" platform shoes! Unfortunately,  there are not a lot of places for her to go shopping. She's pretty much limited to Macy's Woman's and Lane Bryant. I will say that the help at Lane Bryant all know her and give her great service - suggesting accessories, getting her to try on different outfits to see how they look, and just last week, tightening her corset to help her fit into a rather slinky long dress.

More too come later...
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Males Need to be putting a lot of Effort into looking Pretty for Women!

Mary Jane & Mrs B

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Feminized Men Make the Best Husbands! Women that Take Control of their Relationships with Men and Boys, and Encourage Male Femininity are the Pioneers of the Future!