Modern Japanese Male!!

Modern Japanese Male!!
Soft, Thin & Weak!!

Modern Female

Modern Female
Independent, Strong & Confident!

A Modern Wedding!!

A Modern Wedding!!
Male Bride and Female Groom!

Friday, December 19, 2014

What Men are Becoming!!!!

More and More Men and Boys are Embracing their Femininity!!!!   YAAY!!!

Bruce Jenner is getting a lot of Press because of his Femininity!   I HOPE that he remains Male..and becomes a GREAT Role Model for Male Femininity!  Feminine Males NEED to be Accepted in Society, and Women Need to Encourage Males to be Pretty and Feminine!!!

While Males are becoming More Feminine, it is a Delight to see More and More Women becoming Stronger!!!   The Feminine Males will need to be Protected by Strong Women!!!!

Feminized Men Make the Best Husbands! Women that Take Control of their Relationships with Men and Boys, and Encourage Male Femininity are the Pioneers of the Future!

Thursday, December 18, 2014

It is Now Time that Women TAKE Control!!!!

It is Time that Women Now get their Men into the "New Age" Men's Wear!   Start him in Panties and Stockings NOW!!!   Have him keep his body Shaved and Smooth!  Start Feminizing His Mind!   No more Sports!   Have him do more Weight Lifting!  Create your New "prissy Boy" for 2015!   Women are the ones that need to be developing Strength...NOT Men and Boys!   Enroll your boys into Ballet!!!!   The "New World Order" awaits!   Female POWER is the Future!!!

Start here.....


Panties for men at


Panties for men at

This is where you will Lead him!!!!


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work as great as you look - nice



On Duty Maid :-)

Where Boys Will Be Girls



Public humiliation - a necessary regular and frequent experience to keep your sissy’s attitude where it should be

The very special Nancy Ball.

This sissy is a role model for all sissies.

For most sissies, outfits like this are are prop for roleplays behind closed doors.

Nancy lives her sissy lifestyle.

It is important that every dominant other, regularly sends their sissy out in public dressed in ultra sissy, hyper prissy frilly outfits like this.

The vanilla public is becoming more and more accustomed to seeing transsexuals or transvestites out in public, and most really are either too busy or not motivated to pay it much attention.

But the sissy is a special type of creature.

It seeks not to pass, but to attract attention to its ultra-effeminate, submissive, emasculated state.

It thrives off its own shame and humiliation. It is a simultaneous process personal degradation combined with intense arousal.

When a sissy is sent out into public places in ultra feminine stresses like this, filled with frills and lace, together with sissy white or pink stockings with little prissy bows on them, and stiletto pums, it is bound to stand out and attract attention.

Attention to little details like lace gloves, demure little handbags, bows, colour combinations (pink and white always work well) as well as touches like slave collars are important.

Dressed like this it just screams out “sissy”, “faggot”, “pantywaist”.

Together with an appropriate mincing, limp-wristed demeanour, the sissy will attract the attention of even the most broad minded and distracted passers by.

It will get cat-calls, wolf-whistles, snide grins, sarcastic asides, sideways glances, stares, laughs and maybe even the odd compliment.

But one thing is certain -it will not go unnoticed. It’s shame will be exposed to everyone.

It will come home completely devoid of attitude or pride and be suitably submissive or malleable.

It may also be somewhat arp used and attempt to relieve itself into its frilly panties, but it is appropriately kept in constant chastity, those attempts will further reinforce its weakness and emasculation.

I would love to be humiliated in public like this!

The Era of the Macho Male is now OVER!!!!   The Prissy Boy is the "New Age" Male!  As Women Take control of Society, Men and Boys will be in Dresses and Skirts...Looking Pretty for their Independent and Strong Women!   Long Live the Strong Female!!!!

Feminized Men Make the Best Husbands! Women that Take Control of their Relationships with Men and Boys, and Encourage Male Femininity are the Pioneers of the Future!

Sunday, December 14, 2014

The Changes around us!

Who's Wearing the Pants Now????

The STRONG Female is becoming Common!!!

Many Women are now Telling the Males in their lives....Go put on a Dress!!!!

Well Dressed Crossdressers and Transgendered Women

Well Dressed Crossdressers and Transgendered Women
I Cross Dressing For My Wife

Cross Dressing For My Wife

It all started a year back when on one Karwa Chauth Fast Festival, I cross dressed fro my wife. After that i've been started enjoying it very much. Right now, we are planning for our 15th Marriage anniversary next week. My wife suggested me to get my full body waxed today. I took an appointment at VLCC for full body waxing, french pedicure & eye brow threading. But due to too much time taken to complete body waxing, I had to keep pedicure & threading for next appointment. During our wedding anniversary, my wife has planned for red saree for me & black for herself for first day & next day I wear the black one already worn by her & she to wear Jeans & top. I'm very much excited for the day & hence writing this pr-experience. See you all later.
zinatjiya zinatjiya 41-45, M 5 Responses Feb 18, 2012

It is a Delight to see how Beautiful Britney is.  in his Pretty Dresses and skirts!   Having the Support of his Family is Fantastic!   He will make a Great Wife to some Strong Woman someday!!!

So Delicate...So Feminine...So Male!!!!

Feminized Men Make the Best Husbands! Women that Take Control of their Relationships with Men and Boys, and Encourage Male Femininity are the Pioneers of the Future!

Thursday, December 4, 2014

The "New World"!!

Changes are Coming!   More Girls are pumping Iron and becoming Strong, while More and More men and Boys are finding out what it is like wearing Skirts and Dresses!

I Love Gender Role Reversals

My Male Wife

My life with my male wife started about 4 years ago and it only gets better. If you read some of my stories you would be able to see how it all started. Although I am a feminine woman and want to stay that way I have become very dominate and have taking on the male role. My male wife is to wear panties and bra 24/7 except to sleep he does not own any male underwear and he very much enjoys that now.Some friends and family know of his new role but I might be weird but I really want more people to see our lifestyle we have both become much more comfortable with.We had a party for my moms birthday last weekend and I thought it was time to let people see my male wife. He wore white satin leggins with a gaff so no one saw his junk with a unpaded bra a long turtle neck black sweater. Some makeup and he did wear shinny lip gloss also he had he earings ,rings and bracelets. Now let me tell you most people thought it was a joke but by the end of the night more of are friends now knew of our lifestyle. I totally loved being out in the open with this I was very much turned on all night and so was my male wife but I know some of our friends and family think it is way to weird and cant accept us and I do understand that. I thought it was really weird when this all began but as you can tell I want it no other way .
cjdomwife cjdomwife 41-45, F





She is whqt i wish to look like.

Yep sure is


Guilty. Hailey
The "New World"!!!

Feminized Men Make the Best Husbands! Women that Take Control of their Relationships with Men and Boys, and Encourage Male Femininity are the Pioneers of the Future!

Monday, December 1, 2014

The Future is Female!

It is now Time that Men Accept the inevitable Future.  Females are taking control.  Many males are becoming "Housewives".  It is now Time that men are Pretty for their Women....Boys will be Giving Up Sports and becoming Pretty Pageant "Boys"...The Future is Female!!! 

I Feminized Husbands

About Feminized Husbands

I see a lot of internet about “Husband Feminization.”  I find this to be an interesting trend.  I can also see what could lead up to such an idea.

For thousands of years of dating, a woman would try to pick the best man to be her boss.  This is ingrained in the karma that everyone is born with.  There was no women’s liberation, and marriage was defined in the man’s favor, so there was no choice either.

We still follow this plan.  As a practicing Buddhist, I call it a habitual pattern.  Even though dating and the wedding might be brief, a marriage can goes on for decades.  There is not much planning for this important part of our lives.  I don’t find it surprising that many women end up with men who want to be boss, but don’t really participate in the woman’s social life.  As a boss, a husband feels the right to keep saying no.

At this point, feminizing the husband can seem like an option.  Thus, there are all the fantasy stories about turning husbands into sissy maids, and about turning obstinate CEO’s into secretaries.  Unfortunately, none of this will ever actually happen.  Unless a husband is gender-variant, there is no way he could ever be made to dress like a woman.  The idea of feminizing a man is fallacious in the first place.

The worst stereotype is that wearing women’s clothes will make a heterosexual guy turn gay.  No one easily changes sexual orientation.  Transsexuals are transgenders that get the complete transition surgeries, and take high doses of hormones.  Many transsexuals claim to switch sexual orientation, but there have been no definitive studies.  High hormone doses probably just make some transsexuals turn bisexual instead.

I am gender-variant.  I live as a transgender woman full-time, but I can’t be feminized or emasculated.  I have a personality with any almost perfect balance between masculine and feminine concepts.  I am not interested in wearing frilly outfits or sissy clothes, but I do dress classily in skirts every day.  I no longer think of myself as dressing differently, and I modestly wear skirts as if I have been doing this all my life.

I am not going to wear high heels as a casual shoe, and certainly not to do house work.  I am able to interact socially as a woman, but there is always that disconnect for others that I am a heterosexual guy under the clothing and makeup.

There are thousands of lonely gender-variant guys available just dying to have a woman partner.  Karmic conditioning makes women say no without even thinking about it.  My resume of social skills is of no interest, because the age-old conditioning is to get that culturally-correct guy.

Ladies, there are actually no guys that can be feminized, but gender-variant guys are the next best thing.  There are always a large number of men dating who are secretly crossdressers.  Frequency of dressing can vary, but for most this is a hobby.  Many make excellent husbands, but there are always a few who do not.  Since this kind of expression has so much secrecy, there is always the danger that some crossdressers will never share their passion with their wives.

Some crossdressers like clothing games, while others do not.  Some like to play clothing games during sex, but more straight guys do this than gender-variant guys.  Some might like dressing as maids or wearing sissy clothes briefly.  However, the push today is focused on authenticity and skills.  There are even businesses that specialize in teaching men how to dress as women.  Husbands also can’t be trapped into staying at home; they have to go to work to pay the bills.

Some of us graduate from crossdressing to being transgender.  This means that that there will be a strong identity component, which can lead to wanting to dress as a woman as much as full-time.  There are a lot of husbands like this too.  It’s amazing how many men have changed their gender at work and in all their other life activities.  Do you know how much work this takes, and how many social skills a transgender husband must acquire? 

For transgender husbands, the wives really have to keep communications open.  There is always a certain amount of obsessiveness involved with being gender-variant, so husbands can get carried away with fantasies of being “real” women.  This is where the most friction usually occurs.  I don’t have this problem, since I don’t get any feminizing surgeries.

Most fantasy ideas will never happen, but others do happen.  A crossdressing or transgender husband can be just like a girlfriend.  My late wife and I were this way.  It is possible to have old-fashioned girlfriend meet-ups, where everyone wears evening gowns and heels.  Girl’s-nights-out are also easy.

Some husbands do become the executive assistant for their business-owning wife.  While standard men might balk at working for their wife, a transgender husband might enjoy wearing fancy skirt-suits and heels, while carrying out their wife’s instructions.  There is a word of warning here: this could require facial feminization surgery and maybe even breast implants.  Wives should never allow their husbands to get any surgery below the waist.

Ladies, I don’t think any of you would want to date me if you are operating alone.  However, as group, you might be able ton start a new trend.  Maybe you could even start a dating site to meet those guys that would be more like girlfriends.  There are already thousands of couples like this, but they don’t have a social network, so they are invisible.

I have a keen eye, so I easily spot people that might be gender-variant.  For couples, the husband will often be taller and wearing a skirt, while the wife just wears slacks.  The latest cosmetic surgeries for transsexuals make them almost perfect-looking women, except that the various facial-feminizing surgeons tend to make their clients all look alike.

annettexx annettexx 70+ 12 Responses Feb 9, 2013

Some Males are Making Great Progress in their New Role!!!!

I have spent my entire life wishing my wife would take control and insist that I dress feminine for her pleasure. If it were socially acceptable for men to wear dresses or skirts in public, she could throw out every last item of male clothing I have and I would not utter one word of protest. In fact, I would help pour some petrol on them and set them ablaze, never to be seen or worn by me again.
I love wearing dresses, skirts with pretty blouses, pretty undergarments such as panties, bra's, and slips. I also enjoy wearing pretty nightgowns and peignoir sets.
I would also hope that she might also insist that I spend a fair amount of time in diapers too. When diapered, I would expect her to put the bathroom off limits to me and require that I use my diapers for their intended purpose. Diaper-time would not only be used for punishment, but also be used to remind me that even though I wear clothing that was once considered feminine that I am not nor will ever be her equal. When diapered she would frequently remind me that my diapered state is proof that I am nothing more than a baby when compared to her.

Why Rickie. That’s just perfect. He’ll be squirming in embarrassment tonight, never mind on Monday morning. I hadn’t told him that his sister and her husband are coming over tonight, as well as a few friends from work and their partners.

Hey, I I agree with most of what you say. And if the person is meek, shy or has been brought up around all female with out any male bonding they are more suited to become sissy's.
I share a home with a sissified ex-hubby now, he likes to wear dresses with those 50's petticoats everyday. He's looks so ridiculous and weird prancing about knocking things over with his dresses. But get this, he actually enjoys acting like a girly girl and tells me he loves it all.
My BFF and I have tried many ways to humiliate him for dressing that way. we even exposed him in front of all his friends and the public, b/c we were mad at him onetime, but he just laughs right along with everyone and ask for us to do more.
Well what this has to do with this is he wouldn't have been like he is if his sister and ,yes mother wouldn't have dressed him as a girl when he was 5. From what I understand is his mom didnt want to deal with having a boy in the family. She told him girls are better behaved than boys.
Yeah, I was never a sports type of guy. I wasn't good with the girls when I was younger. As I got older, I found that mostly strong minded women preferred me. They liked the idea of having a little more freedom to lead in the relationship. I guess those traits are what transformed me into ideal sissy maid. Some guys don't fit well into the new society. They have wives who do and want them to take care of the house.

I think some women just naturally gravitate towards being the one in charge. It's in their personalities. And now many women are becoming better educated than men, so they can seek higher paying jobs.
That leaves a change in traditional gender roles. The bossy wife with a high paying career versus a quiet husband who she basically controls psychologically. He doesn't feel like the head of the household nor does he feel like the provider, so submits to her authority.
He starts to feel like the support spouse and begins to take on that role. Meanwhile his wife feels the pleasure of being the one in charge. He feels like he's not wearing the pants in the family yet he sees her wearing the pants both literally and metaphorically. He feels like he's the one that should be wearing the dress. If his wife is already bossy, she might have him do it, to have a visual example of who's wearing the pants.
In a way, equality is causing the shift. Some men still want to be traditional men. But women who want to be in charge need men to suit them. That means men who are more feminized that will go along with their wives. Men are learning to adjust to these modern women.
Wow Deeken; you really hit it right on the ole nail head. I agree with you 100%! I think women have reached a point in their social evolution (feminism), that males are beginning to change also in order to have a chance at a successful relationship. My feeling is, if we are going to swap roles, then lets swap everything that is associated with those roles, including clothing styles. Why do I say that...because deep in the mind the kind of clothing men and women wear have a lot to do with how we perceive them. I can remember when it was a daily thing to hear men boast about how they wore the pants in the family; in other words saying, that they were control and had the power in the relationship. It's funny, but I don't hear men making those comments anymore, in fact the only time I hear a man say something about wearing the pants, he is usually saying that his wife wears the pants in the family and she makes the decision. Personally, I believe it is time for men to demand the right to wear skirts and dresses and dress accordingly to the role they play I society.

I am a young obedient guy. I want to be a very good slave of a very dominant mistress woman. I will serve her and obey always. Kindly let me know if you are seriously interested. I ssure best from my side. Thanks and Regards... :)
I would love to meet you or any woman that would like to feminize me completely. I am 43 year old and have yet to meet a woman like yourself. If I could find someone that would be willing to let me experience the joys of feminization I would be willing to go as far as she would like and even live as a woman completely and go through whatever surgeries she wanted me to.



If any women out there want help feminizing their males, check out this book. Just hand it to them and tell them to do it and any male can become their most feminine without any help from anyone else.
Feminizing Men - A Guide for Males to Achieve Maximum Feminization by Barbara Deloto on Amazon.      

I Have Cross Dressed In Public

Remembering My First Time...

I was 19 at the time, my girlfriend and future wife at the time worked full time and so did I ,but I had odd days off. I wasn't living with Mom any more and we were living together and at night I would go to school. Unfortunately at the time I had recently "purged" some of you know what that means, but it didn't last long it never does. I was off for the day and my girlfriend was visiting friends after work. I went to take out the laundry and found one of her nice black mini skirts still in the dryer with a few other nice things of course. Now I had worn pantyhose many times in public but I never got the nerve to go out in a dress let alone a mini skirt. Since I had all day I set out an entire outfit to wear and decided I would go out for a walk to think about some things. I just so happens it would be in heels. I went all out, shaving my legs which was already natural for me to do and doing my make up of course. I didn't have a wig but my hair was long enough to give me that boyish girl look. My girl friend had great legs and always made sure to wear pantyhose because she knew I had a fetish for them, that's another story, so I had my pick of any color and style. I slipped on a pair of leggs silken mist nude color, a bone color soft cup bra that fit with a little padding unfortunately, then came a cute short cut , off white blouse it made my are appear longer and less masculine of course. Then at last that sexy tight fitting curve hugging black mini skirt, you know the one. The finishing touch were white high heel pumps, her shoe size is about the same as mine, and am just a little taller but still a petite 5'7 with some nice feminine legs according to her and her sisters, and mom too, imagine that. The sun was starting to go down and it was a clear day and a little cool so out the door I went. We were on a fairly traveled road off the main road next to a community college, so I was certain I would be seen. After a block of wobbling I got my lady legs back in no time, all the practice with moms heels paid off. I always loved the way high heels sounded when I was younger and I always felt a little naughty wearing heels especially with a short skirt with maximum legs showing. After a couple of blocks and a few interested looks from guys and girls I started my way back to the house. I started to feel very confident and couldn't help but have that girlish smile on my face. As my hips swayed in complete confidence as a natural young lady, I loved every minute of it and wondered what was I thinking when I purged Boy did I regret that. I started to feel a little sad knowing I couldn't dress like this all the time. It was a little depressing putting all those pretty cloths away, I did tell my girlfriend later after we were married about that time. Later on she said I would have liked to have been there for that, so I am working on that. She also said she wants to go out as girlfriends and just have some fun together, but that's another story. Hope you enjoyed it. :)


Being a sissy maid is often part of being a sissy wife.

Feminized Men Make the Best Husbands! Women that Take Control of their Relationships with Men and Boys, and Encourage Male Femininity are the Pioneers of the Future!