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Modern Japanese Male!!
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Modern Female
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A Modern Wedding!!

A Modern Wedding!!
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Monday, October 5, 2015

Female Power, and the New Age Male!

Who's Wearing the Pants Now?

Who wear the trousers now?:

lsjang: #dontdroptheball #vday


maria_wattel @maria_wattel Small steps will ...Instagram photo | Websta (Webstagram):

Off the charts , he's gorgeous.:

Maria Carolien Wattel:


Sissy in the first dress:


Beautiful girly boys:

Outstanding! This is a junior at a Tennessee high school pageant. And the hell of it is: HE DIDN'T WIN!! Alas, sometimes in these things it's not the prettiest or most feminine that wins, but someone more popular overall, or who had a better talent segment, or whatever.:


I finally felt comfortable to express myself (the picture on the left was my debut):


ALL Male Hooter's Gurls!!!    The New Future for Males!!!

The Hooter Gurls, all male and way sexier than the females Hooters girls:

Men being Pretty and Sweet!

Rob to Missy:

John 1 -The beginning:

Feminized Men Make the Best Husbands! Women that Take Control of their Relationships with Men and Boys, and Encourage Male Femininity are the Pioneers of the Future!

Friday, September 25, 2015

New Age Thinking!!!

The Times that are Coming!!!!


Austin, TX (circa 2000):

Women Creating a New Future!!!

Sissy Shopping - A Love Story

by mistressfreya321 2 days ago
I call this a love story, but really, I just want to rant about how much I love taking sissies shopping. So, here's a list of my favorite things to do...
*Have you ever seen a boy or a man walk into a lingerie store and not cringe? Oh my gosh it's so much fun. I just love the newbies, especially. They're in awe - so many thoughts flash across their faces! "I'm dead meat" is typically the first one, followed by "OMG these places actually exist!", and then "I want to wear it all!". God, I love that.
*Have you ever told a sissy to try on a corset? Holy cow, it's so fun when they've earned permission to try on their first corset with me. I know they've put in so much work... how many hours of cleaning my house did they have to do? How many days did they spend running errands, baking goodies, and serving my dinner party guests before they earned this privilege? Too many to count, and I'm so proud of them making it to this step.
*Not to mention the wigs - it's a total transformation, let me tell you. I can see their real sissy selves coming out of them once they've got a proper wig on. Curly blonde hair, or jet black waves - every sissy has their perfect match.
*Taking things out of the lingerie store, we have shoes! Fitting shoes on sissies has always been a challenge, but once they've earned the chance to go shoe shopping I'm always stubbornly determined that we find one sweet, cute pair for my sissy, and then one flaming sexy pair of heels for me... that I will later use on my sissy in a variety of ways.
*Then, of course, there is the Sissy Academy for walking in heels. No, a sissy can never copy the graceful form of a real woman walking in heels, but it sure is fun to see them try, and it is my pride to get them as close as is possible. After all, if I'm being seen with my sissy in heels, she had better put on a good impression.
*Of course, there are dresses - of which I almost always pick the frilliest, pinkest dress there is... though, rarely, I will pick a form fitting one, but that's only for my sluttiest sissies - the ones that want to be pimped out. The shorter and tighter the skirt, the easier it is for a Bull to get inside.
*Now, last, but not least, the Apron. Everyone seems shocked when I say this, but each sissy must own at least one - though I sometimes think that seasonal aprons are most appropriate. Though I talk about it last, the apron is usually the first thing a sissy earns - once they start getting themselves dirty enough, they are going to need an apron so they can keep most of the mess in the kitchen. I don't want their mess all over my home.
So what do you think? What's your favorite part about sissy shopping? Is it worth being in love with? Are you curious about anything? Come on, let me into that little head of yours :)



Cute couple:



The "New Age" of Man!!!

Daddy, you missed a spot...:

Feminized Men Make the Best Husbands! Women that Take Control of their Relationships with Men and Boys, and Encourage Male Femininity are the Pioneers of the Future!

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Changes are Happening!

Women and their Pretty Boys!!!!!







Women can Take Control and Make a Difference.  the following is a Post and Responses on Fetlife n how to "Encourage" your Man's Feminization!!!

See Mom..I make him wear panties! (Sardax art):

looking for subtle humiliation ideas

by alise_n_wonder87 12 days ago
Things I could do in public for my sissy without being overt and direct...I often refer to him as her her and she in public...have occasionally snapped his hidden bra...what other ideas or experiences do you sissies have?

sissysmilesissysmile: | report
Well, I'm not sure if this is suitable, but I often wear tights in public, lacy or very shiny tan (or both), and whilst sat in coffee shops - ensure that my ankles can be clearly seen. You'd be surprised at the amount of double takes people (usually girls) make.
I also wear woman's pencil trousers which are zipped up the back in public - these aren't entirely obviously and can be worn discreetly with a masculine jacket. I also wear these with woman's black ballet pumps and tints if I'm feeling brave.
Wearing a lot of Woman's perfume is another idea.
Nail gloss :)
have fun x

sissysmilesissysmile: | report
... Also, you could send your sissy into a mall or woman's shop and tell him to go and buy some tights (pantyhose), but instruct her to ask a pretty female member of staff for assistance. Your sissy could explain to the staff member that she is attending a fancy dress party and that the pantyhose are part of her costume, so they need to fit her correctly. This could be expanded by asking for assistance on a pretty dress, heels etc. too perhaps

Donna_SashDonna_Sash: | report
I love wearing leggings in public with a ace toped tee shirt of tank top

Kitkat270Kitkat270: | report
Wow, lucky sissy!!!
Here a a few things I love...
Subtle, light makeup in public
Clear nail polish on well manicured nails.
Clear lip gloss.
Butt enhancing female jeans - and asking to try them on in a shop, no one can really tell while you are carrying them to the changing room.
Trying on Ugg style boots or women's trainers with a pink stripe.
Trying on and buying a fem teeshirt, can be as plain or fancy as you feel is appropriate.
Wearing a bra with small breast forms, definitely nothing prominent, just a hint of shape.
Have fun, I'd love to hear how you get on

bikinkloverbikinklover: | report
have her wear lacy topped panties with jeans that ride a little too low so that especially when she bends down the panties can be seen... i like the nail polish,and light makeup ideas as well.....
If you are trying to be subtle have wear clear nail polish all the time. And every couple days or so have her wear something in a pale or light pinkish. She should be made to go buy the nail polish. Take her for a Mani/Petti. and have her toes painted, with a design, and of course snap a couple pics of them. That way you can threaten to post the pics, and also threaten her with having to wear sandals. Definitely need to make her wear panties all the time, as was mentioned so when she bends it will be noticeable. Make her wear a waist scincher. She is already wear a bra under her clothes so add a garter belt and stockings, and don't allow her to wear socks, so that when she sits if anyone is looking they will see that she is wearing hose. Very pale pink lipstick., possibly mascarra.

alise_n_wonder87alise_n_wonder87: | report
All wonderful idea you sweet sissies...ive already got him in panties 24/7...hes used to them...I like the stockings showi g at the ankle...also a fan of the nail gloss
Keep them coming sissies :)...weekend is only 4 days away
I love wearing a bouncy skirt that comes to mid thigh, and I fortunately have the legs for such a skirt, but it's not subtle, especially since I don't do light makeup, I go full face! Of course I'm outed by women and girls before I get halfway thru the mall, which adds to my intense rush of humiliation
Take her shopping for some lingerie and or a night gown. Once in the store leave her to shop. When the female sales associate shows up casually comment on how nice she will look in ……
You can also make her wear lacy ankle socks that will on doubt be noticed by some.
Do you make her keep her body hair shaved? Then when not at work make her wear shorts.
Have her grow her hair out a little and have it styled a little on the fem side.

Al_CatrazAl_Catraz: | report
Shaved legs, shorts or capris with Keds and a cute anklet!

bABySteffybABySteffy: | report
Make him walk through the mall either while wearing subtle ladies shoes with heels so it changes his gait. Or make him carry a big purse with him through the mall. Drop him off at one end, and tell him you'll pick him up at the other end in 15 minutes. When he gets there, go back to the other end so that he has to walk through again, so the people who initially saw him and didn't understand get another look at him.
For a bonus, especially with the purse idea...make him buy something, maybe a bra or something embarrassing so he has to get his wallet out of the purse to make the purchase, right in front of the sales clerk.

bluepants_13bluepants_13: | report
I'll second the slightly visible firm/shape of breasts through a tighter than usual shirt. I have several padded or push-me-up type of bras. Depending on level of humiliation desired I'll switch between a 36B and 38C, and I'll also choose between just a t-shirt and an athletic, somewhat stretchy pullover. The size of your breast bumps determines how many people give second looks. I'm always amazed at how few people actually notice or react.
I like to make my "girlfriend" carry my purse or handbag most of the time when we're in public. I can easily tell that he sometimes gets embarrased when he has to walk around in the store with my feminine handbag on his shoulder.
And if you want some real fun you can make him wear a vibrating butt-plug with a remote, so that you can turn it on when it suits you.

sisterboysisterboy: | report
My late wife loved to take me shoe shopping. She would find a pretty shoe and ask the clerk "do you have this in his size?" She did this to me in Nordstrom's one day and the helpful clerk brought me about 5 pairs of very nice pumps to try on. I even endured a humiliating "shoe conversation" with a woman and her teen age daughter. I did purchase a pair of taupe pumps that I duly modeled for the woman and her daughter.

higheeloverhigheelover: | report
I think she should be in full lingerie that would include some very sexy fully fashioned nylon stockings in a smoky grey shade what would be very visible. On top of the lingerie a sexy pair of ladies dress slacks with a shirt, tie and suit jacket. Make sure the lingerie is suitably perfumed with a very feminine yet sophisticated sent. Now for the fun part. the sissy will need to go out shopping for a new pair of high heels. Even walking around in the shopping center the slippery nylons inside the dress shoes will be constantly on your sissies mind. The slippery feeling, the exposure of the nylons as the pant leg flutters around the ankles with every step. This will surely be notices by many other shoppers as she finds a suitable shoe store to step into and look at some sexy new shoes. By now the heart will be racing, the head with be spinning and surely the gusset of the sexy panties will be getting quite damp. Ahh, but this is only the beginning as you lift a sexy shoe from one of the displays to admire and consider buying. Then a very gorgeous middle aged woman walks up right behind you. She has already had an eye on you from the moment you stepped into her store and your sexy nylon clad ankles now on her mind just as the alluring send of your feminine perfume fill her senses. She complements you on your taste in high heels...

The "New Age" is Very Interesting.  This will become more Commonplace as Time goes on!

A different family:

AMEN. I also crossdress and detest men. DAMMIT I LIKE GIRLS!!!:

Feminized Men Make the Best Husbands! Women that Take Control of their Relationships with Men and Boys, and Encourage Male Femininity are the Pioneers of the Future!

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Embracing the Feminine Male Personna!

Males are Becoming More Feminine Everyday!!!

Some Swiss Cd's during a trip:

Pageant boy: My brother entered the Miss Macho Pageant at our HS because the cheerleaders agreed to go to the prom with the winners.He practiced for a week in my high heels and he removed all his body hair.He looked amazing in my old prom dress and heels. He won the pageant and got to pick the cheerleader to be his prom date.I could tell he was very excited. I gave him a new pair of red satin panties to wear knowing it would drive him crazy.:

• 1 day ago

Pageant boy: My brother entered the Miss Macho Pageant at our HS because the cheerleaders agreed to go to the prom with the winners.He practiced for a week in my high heels and he removed all his body hair.He looked amazing in my old prom dress and heels. He won the pageant and got to pick the cheerleader to be his prom date.I could tell he was very excited. I gave him a new pair of red satin panties to wear knowing it would drive him crazy.


I Am a Feminine Guy
Since I was feminized several years ago and now happily submit to my wife (and do lots of chores for her while dressed in my most frilly clothes), I experience my feminine side almost all of the time. Yes, I remain a heterosexual male, but I just enjoy feeling feminine! I now notice how much my mood changes when I have a bra and panties on - whether dressed as a woman or underdressing my male clothes! When I'm out and about, I seem to be treating women much more respectfully than I ever have before.

I just look at females in a much different light and, as a result, I am treated so much better by most women! I love it!
DonnaSue10 DonnaSue10 66-70, M

I Female Domination
I once was a Senior Manager in a large company and I had a very attractive woman who was a trainer who reported to me - during business hours, that is! One evening, over after work drinks, she boldly told me that, from then on, I would be the boss at work and she would be my boss after work! That began a torrid affair in which I was completely dominated every evening by a beautiful and assertive woman and had to be her manager during the day!

I was made to underdress my business suit with panties and a bra every day and constantly had lurking thoughts of my servitude to Her while at the same time pretending that I was in control during our daily business meetings. Amazingly, I think we pulled it off in front of the other folks in our department. Every evening, I would submit to her dominance while we were alone.

That was more than 35 years ago and I can still remember, quite vividly, the exciting details of her domination over me. The affair lasted a couple of years before we each went our separate ways.
DonnaSue10 DonnaSue10 66-70, M


The World is Changing!!!!!


What's a bride to wear if you like playing with gender expectations?:

Vanity Club meeting on 2013, nice CD's family:

Feminized Men Make the Best Husbands! Women that Take Control of their Relationships with Men and Boys, and Encourage Male Femininity are the Pioneers of the Future!