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Modern Japanese Male!!
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Modern Female
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A Modern Wedding!!
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Monday, October 20, 2014

The "New Way"....The Feminist Way!!!

The Days of Male Dominance is Over!  Long Live the Radical Feminist Way of Life!!!

i slicked back my hair, strapped down my tits and went into my brother's closet for an outfit
#landoncider #dragking
Gender-Bending Lady Finds Work As Male Model
The Women above definitely Feel that it is High Time that the Males are Pretty, Feminine and Submissive...It is now a Woman's World!!!

It is Now Time for the Males to get Prettied Up for the Pleasure of Women!

The Pretty Boys!!!

Boys Will Be Girls
Those are both boys.  Nice petticoats too.  not really lolita but still cute boys in dresss~

Galsun, the newest fad in Tokyo extremely feminine boys modeling girl"s clothing
My Cross Dresser Drawer
Cheer leading outfits are just to sexy to resist. I know from experience. Some fake that it is just for the occasion when they are loving every mment of it. Especially the Lolly-pop undies that cheer leaders wear.
Should have not sassed Mom
boy wearing a pageant dress | Boys Wearing Pageant Dresses
All ready

Pretty Feminine boys | CUTE TEEN BOY
"feminine males " | the party he said the other girls were mean to him i think it s cuz ...

Britney sexy sitting go watch

Date Posted: 10:47:34 11/26/12 Mon
Author: Sandy
Subject: Femininst Mom

My mother is a feminist, who does not believe in marriage. Instead, she believes in finding good genetic stock in a male and having him father a child for her. So, neither my Older sister Leslie nor I have any idea who our different fathers are. When Leslie was born my mother decided she did not want to raise a child who thought of herself as limited by her gender. So, Les was not raised as a boy or a girl, but in a kind of feminine unisex way. She had a hair cut that could belong to a boy or a girl and most of her clothes left her gender in doubt. Mom just introduced her as "My child Leslie."

On the other hand, mom did not want Les to miss out on the special feeling and power that feminine finery brings. So her few dresses were fabulous -- not K-Mart specials, but designer brands for children.

When I was born 5 years later mom was very happy with how Les was turning out and saw no reason to raise me any differently. I wore pants and tops that were a bit feminine for a boy, but masculine for a girl. As mom thought it was crude to stand to pee, I sat and as I did, I had no need for flies in my pants or panties. When the occasion called for dressing up, Les and I were both in designer dresses. We also had feminine hair dos and matching nail polish.

Of course Les noticed that I was made different than her, but mom just told her that children came with various kinds of plumbing, but that was no reason to treat them differently. Of course people ooed and ahed over how pretty both Les and I were in our dresses and I enjoyed being the center of such positive attention.

We did not attend public or private school but had a live-in tutor, Mary, who later was mom's lover. Les and I have similar training. We learned math, history (with a feminist spin), science, and literature (mostly female authors). Our toys ranged from dolls to building sets.

When it came to puberty time, mom and Mary told me that unless something was done, I would not look cute in dresses much longer. As that meant a lot to me, I had a managed puberty. I got just enough hormones and blockers to stay androgynous while being a fertile male.

When I was 15 Les introduced me to Cathy, one of her younger friends at college who was just 18. Cathy was gorgeous, but shy of boys. Les had told her that I was male, but otherwise more like a girl than a boy.

She'd never met a sissy before, but she was very accepting -- even fascinated. We became girl friends and went places together. She wanted me to look more femme when we went out, so I started wearing make up regularly and letting my hair grow into more feminine styles. One evening when we were walking on the beach in the moon light, she took me in her arms and kissed me. After that we started dating. We tried to keep the change quite, but Cathy, mom and Mary son figured it out.

Mom made me wait till I was 18 to have real sex. Of course Cathy and I had been doing other things in the mean while. The weekend after my birthday, Cathy took me to a beach cottage and saw that I lost my virginity properly. She asked me to be her wife. I said yes, and mom and Mary gave their blessings.

We married the summer after she graduated. We both wore pants suits. I thought of wearing a wedding dress, but could not do it. I worked as a jewelry sales person at a department store while she got her M.B.A. Now she is a C.P.A. and I'm raising our two boys as mom and Mary taught me.


Womanless pageants are a GREAT Way to get Males started in Dresses and Skirts!!!

Love those womanless pageants. They give the "gurls" the chance to show their stuff.
womanless 2014 | They put a lot of genuine effort into it. I hate it when you see some old fat , bearded guy in a dress. It's a mockery of our art.

All three are boys, verified.
FMS womanless beauty pageant session
Kilgore2008 Womanless Pageant 24 | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

All boys.

Feminized Men Make the Best Husbands! Women that Take Control of their Relationships with Men and Boys, and Encourage Male Femininity are the Pioneers of the Future!

Sunday, October 19, 2014

It is Time for Mothers to Encourage their Sons to be Pretty for Halloween!

Halloween is a GREAT Time for Women to get their Males into skirts and Dresses!   Start Planning NOW to make your Boys Pretty & Sweet!

I Remember The First Time I Was Taken Out Dressed As A Girl
I still remember when mom took me out the first time dressed as a girl I was wearing a short red plaid skirt white blouse, white bra and panties with size 34 C inserts and red tights as we drove to the mall I was both excited and scared. Lucy my step sister my age was dressed like me and really was great support helping calm my nerves. I still remember the joy of going into the teen girl section and also the girl lingerie section picking out things and then trying them on for size with Lucy in the changing room. We spent the whole day at the mall going from store to store mom having me try on a variety of dresses, skirts, blouses, jumpers, jeans and also shorts. It was so exciting and I grew more confident as the day went by when I realized no one was looking at me in a funny way. Mom also noticed that I was getting the attention of boy’s and just smiled.

Then I remember the first time going to the women’s restroom was really nerve racking but with mom and Lucy with me I felt more at ease and no one seemed to notice I was a boy in girl’s clothes. Mom also made sure that I had makeup, pads, and tampons in my purse when I went in to the restroom reminding me to sit while going to the toilet. When I was finished I left the stall and I remember there were other moms and daughters there as Mom helped me check my makeup and brush my hair. Walking around the mall in my skirt and blouse was just so wonderful and I loved seeing my reflection in store windows and how people looked at me. We had a wonderful time and I enjoyed the day especially having lunch in a nice restaurant again with the young waitress taking no special interest in me. I now realize that Mom and my sisters had really prepared me for this outing so that I was now walking naturally like a girl, sitting and just doing the simple everyday things the way a girl did them.

As Women TAKE Control...this is what the Future looks like for Many Men!!!

I Wear Pantyhose
I wear pantyhose regularly now. My wife is the breadwinner in our home and I keep house most days wearing a maid's outfit. It's a division of labor thing in our home and my wife prefers me to dress the part as I work. It keeps my mind on my work.

We sort of had a philosophical debate about this once. But basically she noticed that my tendency to keep house was better when I was dressed as a maid for fun versus when I wasn't dressed. She wants a clean house to relax in when she's home, so the maid outfit became regular attire for me. Along with the dress, I also wear pantyhose. My wife thinks they give my outfit a polished look, so she has me wear them daily as well.

She wore pantyhose long ago when we first met. But after we got married, I noticed her wearing pants most of the time. And over time, as pantyhose went out of style for women, she gave them up altogether. She doesn't like wearing them now.

I asked her about it once. She told me that she dressed the way she thought she had to before we got married, to get me interested. But now that she has me, she dresses professionally for her career, which usually involves pants. Pants are more practical for women in her career, a physician. Dresses and pantyhose aren't practical at all.

I asked her why they're practical for me. Her response, I wear a dress most of the time so I should wear them. Besides, they make my outfit look better, so I should wear them. She's working hard, bringing home the bacon, so I should wear them. I shouldn't be shy about showing off a little leg, so I should wear them. They might might make me feel better when I'm on my feet all day, so I should wear them. She's the boss, so I should wear them.

So I wear pantyhose.

Feminized Men Make the Best Husbands! Women that Take Control of their Relationships with Men and Boys, and Encourage Male Femininity are the Pioneers of the Future!

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Men's Liberation!!!!!

Really fantastic Sissy BoySissi Chloe, I brought you this magazine so when you're at work all will be envious of you. Thanks Madeline, I'm sure my boss Greta will be satisfied !!!
A man(?) has needs

Many of us Men LOVE the Feel of Leotards and Tights!   How many Women Like to see men in Form Fitting Clothing like this?

new to the group

by Silkymikey 2 months ago
Hello everyone I have been a member of Fetlife for quite a while now and I just discovered this group. My first experience of crossdressing was when I was about 10 or 11 when my sister dressed me in a dress and did makeup for halloween. I really loved the feel of the satin prom dress as I walked down the street that night. I have been hooked ever since. The only real break since then was my time in the military. I have reached the point that if I don't wear at least 1 piece of womens clothes I have an bad day. My current fashion trend is spandex leggings and tank bras. I so love Danskin Now clothes. And for the winter instead of long johns I wear leotards and tights. Much warmer and less bulky. I hate the way mens tee shirts fit all baggy and bulky. I prefer the form fitting and thinner womens Tees plus the lower neckline. For the longest time I felt alone and weird. Fetlife has shown me that I am not alone and I have met some wonderful people on here.

a boy ballerina.  cuteness

Nice tutu
Sissy provocative ! Chloe Sissi

New Activities for Men and Boys!

kayla...makes me want to start on homones!!!

A married sissy: Photo

Men Make the Best Husbands! Women that Take Control of their Relationships with Men and Boys, and Encourage Male Femininity are the Pioneers of the Future!

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Will the Future be Different for Women & Men?

tumblr_n0ku1vp2QX1rjryl6o1_400.jpg 337×500 pixels

Here is a Posting from Britney Smith...he gave me permission to Post this, even though you can also see it on his Blog, which I have a Link to on this Blog.   It is so Encouraging to see the "gender Days" in School, and how that give Boys the Opportunity to Express their Femininity! 


5th Grade

I had a long story here but i lost it.

I remember dressing for gender day at school and telling my mom that i thought it would be fun to do so. She said ok but you are not just going with a simple dress that you can take off in the middle of the day. I told her that would be ok with me, it sounded like fun. After some talk about how my teacher would enjoy it more if i dressed pretty, she got me up early the next morning and dressed me head to toe in my sisters easter dress. This was not just no ordinary dress it was so girly my sister who is in 4th grade did not want to ware it. It was white with lace and scattered with pink flowers and puffy sleeves. My mom told me to step into my sisters barbie panties then got out a pair of white flower print tights and showed me how to put them on as a sat on the edge of my sisters bed. She then drooped over my head a girls petticoat complete with a little pink bow on my chest. I was feeling really nervous, that was until she put the dress on me for the first time. It was in heaven, as she buttoned the back of my dress up my mom scooted me over to the makeup counter to put on my sisters necklace and jewelry and a fresh coat of makeup, not to much because little girls do not ware to much makeup my little sister said. I had just the right about of blush and lipstick my sister told me. To top everything off she got out a box with a blond curry wig complete with cute bangs in the front and a bow in the back. After a dash of perfume I was told to slip on pair of strap white shoes with a low heal. I remember looking in the mirror and thinking to my self how much i looked like my sister. As I walked down the steps my dress and petticoat wobbles back and forth against my legs as the sound of my shoes make a tap with every step i make. I quickly had a bowl of cereal and then garbed my sisters coat and headed for my moms car. On the way to school it hit me, I'm wearing a little girls dress with flower print tights and panties underneath. Did my mom really need me to put me in my sisters panties i thought to my self, "what if someone sees them" i thought to my self. We pulled up to the school as my sister got out so did I. I see lots of kids running around some boys are dressed as girls others are not. Nobody says anything to me as a walk down the 3rd graders hall tap,tap, tap on the way to my home room. I was greeted by my teacher and was complemented on how cute and pretty I was as she took my coat from me. I was all smiles for the rest of the day wearing my little sisters dress.

Lets just say every gender day we had at my school I took Full advantage of.



 This is one of Britney's Fabulous Videos!!!

Beautiful Britney!!!!
One of the BEST, 5 stars for her, AGAIN.
Britney. She is without a doubt one of the all time best cross dressers.

What you get when you have a crazy Gramme, a pink tutu and a little boy. I wore one like that more then once.


He makes a good girl.
One day he will be glad his Mom wanted a girl.

Dionne tg

His Mom really wanted him to be a cheerleader.

regina lor

Friday, November 19, 2010

"I could turn my little boys into girls"

That's a quote from an article on boys competing in girls' beauty pageants, "Pageant Boys."

I heard about this story from the morning radio show on my way to work. The DJs were discussing the habit of entering young boys into beauty pageants with disdain and mockery. At the heart of the story is six-year-old Zander who has been competing since infancy. Zander says that he loves competing in the pageants.  He likes the attention and the prizes.

Zander's mother insists that his participation is about freedom from gender roles and that she is allowing him to choose his own path.

But Zander isn't the anomaly he used to be in. In fact, the number of boys participating in the pageants has risen to 10% (up from 5% in 2005). Some of these other mothers (there aren't any fathers speaking in the article) admit that they are trying to fill the void of not having the daughter they wanted; thus, they see their child and think "I could turn my little boys into girls."

This article and the radio conversation bothered me in a way that I couldn't immediately figure out. See, I like the idea of challenging gender roles, so I can't say that I necessarily disagree with Zander's mother. At the same time, I don't think that an infant (and there are boys "competing" in these pageants at the ripe age of 2 weeks) is very cognizant of choosing any particular path. On top of that, I find the idea of competing on the grounds of "beauty" problematic for any child.

It also made me think of this blog post from Nerdy Apple Bottom, which was posted on a message board I read.

In this post, Nerdy Apple Bottom recounts the criticism she got from other mothers at her son's preschool when she allowed him to dress up as his chosen Halloween character: Daphne from Scooby Doo. She has a picture of him decked out (and pretty adorable) in the orange wig, knee-high pink boots, and sparkly purple tights. Among the issues she addresses are the ways that the parents reacted v. the way the children did (parents cared a lot more than the other kids), the assumption that experimentation in gender roles would "make" her son gay, and her own role as a mother in shaping her son's gender identity.

Nerdy Apple Bottom let her son choose his costume, she ordered it for him, and then she made him follow through with his decision to wear it to school when he started to get nervous about how people would react. All in all, I think she acted exactly the way that I would have in the given situation.

So why am I still bothered by the little boys competing in the beauty pageant? And why did the radio show bother me so much?

Also in the radio show, the DJs began lambasting parents who try to turn their little girls into boys by dressing them in "boy clothes" and forcing them to play little league ("not softball, but little league" the DJs incredulously commented).

I was such a tomboy growing up that my teachers would ocassionaly check out the bruising and scabs on my knees and ask if I was okay at home. I climbed trees, caught frogs, spent hours wandering through the woods in my back yard, and generally avoided anything pink, frilly, or heart-shaped. I wouldn't be caught dead in a dress. I begged my dad to play catch with me, took my BB gun to hunt rabbits with him (a task at which I was thankfully unskilled--poor bunnies!), and much preferred a day digging in dirt to one dressing up.

I truly don't think my parents had much to do with this decision. I think that my inclinations came out very clearly on their own. While they certainly could have discouraged them once they began, I don't think that they did much to encourage them at the start. Their decision to let me dress and play how I wanted gave me a lot of skills that I still use today, and I even ocassionally put on a dress now!

Clearly, little girls can bend these gender roles with more ease than little boys can (as Nerdy Apple Bottom points out, no one would have made a fuss if she'd had a daughter that dressed up like batman). But I still think that we have to allow room for this kind of exploration and play for all children. At the same time, I think we need to recognize that there comes a time in a child's development when he/she is old enough to make these decisions, and a two-week old entered into a beauty contest has probably not met that milestone, male or female.

Boys Today! magazine, November 2037
A girl helping her brother look pretty
but you are not going to tell anyone?

Couples Day 4 by swapzone

Feminized Men Make the Best Husbands! Women that Take Control of their Relationships with Men and Boys, and Encourage Male Femininity are the Pioneers of the Future!