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Modern Japanese Male!!
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Modern Female
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A Modern Wedding!!
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Thursday, October 30, 2014

The Way Some Women are Thinking!!!

Some Women are Thinking about what the "Perfect Man" would be like.  This is a Very interesting Discussion that I found on the EP Site.  many Women are envisioning Feminine Males...This is Enlightening!!

Estrogen sounds great to me-and I think a lot of men would want to take estrogen. Satisfaction sexually can be obtained in numerous ways!
that true.
Then maybe we could be selective to who we give estrogens, and select the a certain percentage new feMALEs to be.
Certainly security is important, males could be chosen for there big dicks and non-violence to impregnant us. With that we could change our specy to improve ourselves
Big dicks and non violence - that sounds great. Add on a reasonable sized brain and the brawn to lift things WE needed lifting and you'd have a perfect man! AnneMarie any other suggestions? Do you want to work on organising a perfect male with me? !!
The I'm bisexual so the perfect man is some thing of a shemale for me or is fem the Weekend at least ( the 2 for one). Like us women,
1- Soft skin, soft touch tat ski the skin.
2- Romatic,
3 - Brain/Inteligence (we are doing better than men in universities),
4 - Non-violent (estrogen helps),
5 - Brawn,we don't need that, just mechnical assistance,
6 - Listen like women,
7 - And Between women we really what bttons to push to *******.
8 - Add to that most people even Heterosexaul say hat we women look better with soft bodily curves ( In the sense being more beautiful).
9 - Add t that a bid one, that's the perfect and because sHE's on estrogen you don't even have to take the pill. ( No head, no side effect even after 9 months)
Good one AM. Love yr list.
Yeh agree 'mechanised assistance' rather than brawn.
-Romantic - definitely.
-Brain - well not too big, wouldn't want him to get ideas above his position!
-Listen like a woman -IF ONLY!
-U say add to that a 'bid' one. Do u mean a big one? cos that for me wud be a definite, What good is a man without a huge ****?
That's y I'm worried estrogen wud prevent him getting it up. There must be another hormone or drug to make him caring and kind without reducing his sex drive. Must look into it.
I would add manners (e.g. buy me a drink without wanting a 'reward' for it; always raise the seat before a pee and replace it afterwards; carry my bags without wanting a 'reward'; allowing me privacy in the bathroom).
So AM, do u get more satisfaction out of s*x with another woman?
1 - When you say: Do u mean a big one? Yes I meant a huge one.
2 - When you say: "I'm worried estrogen would prevent him from getting it up"
There are solutions this problem, there are sHEmales that keep it and by using VIAGRA it still does a very good job just check the ****. See it for yourself.
3 - When you say:"I would add manners (e.g. buy me a drink without wanting a 'reward' for it; always raise the seat before a pee and replace it afterwards; carry my bags without wanting a 'reward'; allowing me privacy in the bathroom)."
Estrogenes does wonder for that, because it changes the side of the brain the sHE thinks with therefore sHE will adopt our manners at the same time. There are dozen on EP who would die to have a relationship like on condition the tfemale feminized them with a little hormones.
Yes I get as much satifaction with women as do with men. It's just different.
Hi – thx for yr reply.
Glad like me u like them huge. Does Viagra still work if the man has taken estrogen? If so, sounds perfect. Where men are concerned I don’t see anything wrong with feeding them chemicals or hormones to give us what we need. I wouldn't feed women with such in case it affected our reproduction cycle. Not that we would need to change anyway.
If estrogen really does instil manners and stop them thinking I'll have sex with every one – then rock on estrogen! Nice if it made them sit down to pee too – but I'm sure we can't have everything. Privacy in the bathroom is one of my pet peeves. Males think if I see them there they can watch me there. Well they can't!
Glad u didn't mind me asking about sex with a woman. I can imagine what u say even tho I'm straight. Perhaps there's a little bi or lesbian in me.
Once touch by one of bisexual I don't think you'll stay strait like you say. since being bisexual maens you don't give up the big ones. you just eat the candies in both candy box.
and yes Viagra works even when estrogens is given to them, it just makes them better lovers, they become soft skin, romantique etc...., and some but not all end up sitting to pee.
I get so romatic with my female counter'D love it and mlet like ice in a fire.
Thanks AnneMarie I love the way u write. I can imagin what u say but somehow I don't think I'm equipped for female on female sex. Love yr description of candy boxes tho! If estrogen really does make them sit to pee u may have conquered and made truly equal the sexes at last! I think standing to pee is so primitive like so many things men do. It's like we're humans MarkII, they r humans MarkI with many deficiencies. I hope all u say is genuine.
(I can give u my email addy if u want but u might think I'm being too forward!)
No your not being to forward. And yes I think like you on
"It's like we're humans MarkII, they r humans MarkI with many deficiencies"
But the main difference is the hormones, we get estrogens and the good habits that comes with that hormone ( we are the more sophisticated sex),
They get testosterone the muscles and the big muscle between the legs we like, but with all the deficiencies that come with it maing them humans Mark1 or Mark0 at least some of them I even seem Mark(-1). Like thinking we are there inferior sex and all of the rest of the macho crap they try to fill us with.
Yes what say is genuine, and well documented, Once they start to take estrogene it changes all the physcology all since we women then to use more one side of the brain and men tend to use the other side, they better at spacial stuff like 3D, orientation, etc...., be we are better at memory, speach, we tend to express ourself better, we also tend to be more emotionel and to show more more compasion. All these female traits are brought out when given estrogens in transexuals because endoctrine reason. That means because of the estrogenes they start to use more of the female side of the brain and less of the male side of the brain (and although the 2 sexes use both side of the brain, each sex use more one side than the other and all that because of the sexual hormones estrogene/testosterone)
All this is well documented in transexual M2F ........ but Also in F2M transexual but in reverse.
Well at least as you can see your talking to a women wo knows her stuff
I'm sorry if it sounded I was questioning what u say. It's just difficult for a little ol' 20something gal to take it all in! Yes it does seem pathetic when they claim they r the superior sex! The only thing they can do that we can't is carry heavy loads but we more than make up for it in brains. Like I said be4 they r MarkI we r MarkII with all the improvements (like not having a pipe hanging between our legs! – I mean I like it for its true purpose but I sure wouldn't want one myself!). I'd sure like to talk with u outside of here. I know I'm risking whatever but my email addy is !
What I say is veifiable, I'm certainly not ask any one just to gulpe down what I say, like a religous fanatic.
I just would like people to open up there eyes and take the time to verify what any one says including me.
The thing is I don't open my mouth unless I verfied it myself.
I apologised! You sound as if you are still angry.
I'm certainly not angry at all, that is for sure absolutely sure, I just like people to open there eyes and not gulpe down what any says, like a religous fanatic.
I excuse myself you thought I was angry.
Do you remember about the South african athele Oscar Pistorius who kill his wife. That killing might be link to Testosterone. Some testosterone (this hormone is linked to agrresivity and risk taking) was found in his house there for, it's seem that he might have token a dose that he couldn't handle. Never the less it shows in what direction testosterone goes towards. and that and over dose can lead you to maybe kill. And this is probably not the first time it this kind of stuff happens.
What I trying to get at is that if testosterone goes in that direction than maybe Estrogens are better even for males as it would make them gentler people, and also reduce the risk of violence. all this in the continuation of this post.
It also brings the question at what age should we give them the estrogen to make them more mild mannered people. It raises Ethical questions.

Males in Dresses and Skirts are Adorable!!!!


Hey guy, give a light and I’l offer you a special service!

Rochelle Renee

love the shoes with the white pantyhose…………..

Feminized Men Make the Best Husbands! Women that Take Control of their Relationships with Men and Boys, and Encourage Male Femininity are the Pioneers of the Future!

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Why Feminize Males???

There are Numerous Reasons to Feminize Men and Boys.  Many Males WANT to be Pretty and Feminine...Wear Pretty Dresses and Skirts, Nylons and High Heels.  But think about this...Many Men in the World get involved with Human Trafficking...FORCING Young Girls into Prostitution....Men can be so "Violent" and "Criminal".  Feminine males are Not this Way...isn't that a Good Reason to Feminize Males???   Think about it...Women do Not Inflict that type of Violence on Boys....Just a Thought!

Some "Non-Violent" Males!!!

Rules to be an obedient feminized sissy maid

By | February 2, 2014

Many dominant women are looking for an obedient feminized sissy maid. In order to help you with your training I have come up with a few guidelines that every sissy maid should follow. These rules will help you become a better submissive sissy for your wife or girlfriend. Becoming a obedient sissy maid is not an easy task, do you have what it takes?

The maid will always wear satin panties

This rule is rather obvious. There will be no exceptions. Sissy maids should know that their male underwear will be thrown out the minute they submit to their mistress. In order to keep you naughty satin lovers from misbehaving I always make this the first change. Once you lost all your underwear, there is no way back.
Of course the maid needs to wear more than just a pair of satin panties. The satin panties are complimented by a nice frilly garter belt, matching the panties of course. The garter belt will hold up the stockings that will feel so nicely on your freshly shaven legs, yes you will spend a lot of time in the shower from now on. Not because you are allowed to enjoy these shower, but because it requires work.

The sissy maid has to shave all his body hair

Nobody likes to see your hairy legs under a humiliating satin French maid uniform. In order to show your mistress your dedication you will have to do a lot of hair removal. Anything apart from the hair on top of your head has to go. From your armpits to your toes, and from your arms to your ass crack. Every single hair has to come off.
This will mean that the sissy maid has to remove all of his body hair at least twice a week. We want smooth soft skin, no stubbles!

my girl friend put me in dress and panties she want to see how i look in them she told me to look in the mirror i told her i look like a male in dress then as a joke its to bad i do not have tits like you just then she undone the dress and let it fell off then she put a bra on me with two fake breasts and put the dress back on now look i did now i look like a girl then she ask will you wear that just for me when you are home it just be you and me i said yes i would love to well after three week i was wearing my panties and bras all the time soon it did not feel right knot to wear one one day i got up and put on my panties and bra then i went and put on a dress and went down stair well what have we here my sissy husband all dress i said yes dear i feel better wearing these clothes my i get you some coffee dear yes i went and got her coffee now what are you going to do to-day what ever you want me to do do you want to be the maid to-day i said yes good then lets have coffee and your pill then you can start to clean house and do the luandry well i did all the house work after five month i become the full house wife she ask me if i would i said yes like to-day she brought me roses and said here dear there for you i thank her that night in bed i was in a yellow teddy when she came to bed she open her robe there was a strap-on cock to night dear i going to make you feel like a girl first you will learn to suck my cock and then learn how to take it up your pussy ass well it was two month and now i am her wife my cock is lock up and the pills she had me take made me more girly

I love serving as a maid to my mistress, I already shave smooth around my cock and balls and frequently wear satin panties. Recently my mistress has been threatening to expose me as her maid to some of her friends from work, she says she will force me to serve them some drinks in my maids uniform or frilly apron. It has not happened yet but I would love to be exposed to other women and maid to serve them.

The New Age Males are Awesome!!!!

Feminized Men Make the Best Husbands! Women that Take Control of their Relationships with Men and Boys, and Encourage Male Femininity are the Pioneers of the Future!

Monday, October 27, 2014

The Wonderful Changes that are Happening!!!

The World is Changing...More and More Men Want to be Pretty, Feminine and Submissive.  More and more Women are realizing this could be a Fantastic Thing!!!!

I Am a Tomboy

Any Nice Girl Want A Loyal And Honest Cross Dresser Househusband? Mail Me On My ID Given Below, (Please Read Details)

This simply a marriage proposal. I want to make you all aware its a very serious proposal as i am quite much worried about my future. Every person want to live happily i too want the same from life. God have given us life only one time so its very very precious don't waste it just live the way that you want to because this journey called life will never come back to you again. Just be positive and hopeful because i believe where there is a will there is a way indeed.
I am a 24 year old realist man, from early childhood i have a cute hobby of dressing up like girls (cross-dressing). I love to dress up like females, do all make up and all girl's stuff perhaps this may be a bit weird but its natural in me its not a crime but a enjoyment. I love this a lot now i get so much pleasure in it and i am so proud of it. I am actually a very emotional thoughtful and ambitious, i know what happens, happens for the best. My parents want me to get married, i am worried what will happen when my spouse will come to know about all this, I am still so positive and thank to my god for making me this i am I just do this because i love it i get happiness but i am a straight male and i like girls only. I am searching a good and understanding girl who accept me in the same way i am. I love myself a lot and i can promise myself that i will give my full love care support to my soul mate.
Second thing as everybody knows every one have his long cherished dream same with me. My lovely dream is to be a happy and successful homemaker. I love to do all type of household works. I perform them quite well. Its my passion and comfort zone. I want a girl who accept me as a happy homemaker. I can assure you i will prove my worth to her. I don't like office stress so don't like doing jobs etc etc. I just want to do what my heart suggests me. So want a nice girl who can do job earn well for her family. I will be so grateful and humble of her. I will really enjoy myself and hope she will also feel the same.
In short i want to full fill my desires which is to live a life of a happy homemaker with wearing all types of female clothes with all woman's stuff always after marriage all the time, not even interested in to touch any male stuff. At the same time i will love to handle all domestic chores as a happy and successful housewife. May be all this sounds bizarre but i would really want to live this type of life and i do believe in miracles. I will be so happy and will make my partner happier than me its my promise to myself.
I also want to make a lawful agreement of complete role reversal marriage for me in this man and woman will have to reversed their respective roles after marriage, man in the couple is known as wife while the woman as husband indeed all this under the law as per the agreement. If girl don't like its not that necessary just want this because to completely specify our roles after marriage so there will be no ambiguity then i guess, even i will enjoy myself as a happy housewife. Hopefully she will also enjoy her freedom and job as a good husband indeed. Even this will going to be a good for female power and empowerment too. I can assure this sort of marriage will going to make female life can be a lot easy and joyful.
I strongly believe a relationship forms from one heart to another, it doest want what you wear or what role you play. Its more about satisfaction and happiness because at the end only your happiness and satisfaction from life matters nothing else matter even a bit. If you truly love someone you will have to accept her/him in the same way he/she is so don't change be confident and remember what you want from your beautiful life.
All types of girl's proposal are most welcome, age, religion, nationality, affluence status dominating by nature and sexual orientation (lesbian, bisexual, cross dressing girl) no bar for this. All are good and worthy for me. I have seen some successful cases of this type of marriage in San francisco, United States they are stimulating many aspirants so remember you can be a big inspiration for millions of people of this world. I will respect whoever will connect me as i respect women ability and freedom. I am a supportive of women power and empowerment. I will let her aware more about me my family, my planning and my expectations. I am completely normal and willing to take my duties and responsibility. We can move to some more liberal places of this world. Trust me all this can be possible. Who will join me, her identity will not be disclose to anyone from our side, so girls be honest and truth worthy. I am here waiting for your all mails, request to all other people who have any girl in your acquaintance inform me please i will reply as soon as possible.
I am willing to have a very suitable and appropriate marriage looking forward for the desired girl.
Thank You and all the very best to you for your strive Good Luck.
cdhousewife cdhousewife 26-30, M

The Once Mighty Male is now Enjoying His Femininity!!!

Feminized Men Make the Best Husbands! Women that Take Control of their Relationships with Men and Boys, and Encourage Male Femininity are the Pioneers of the Future!

Saturday, October 25, 2014

The Changes that are Happening Today!!!


We need training and practice to be the best girls we can be :-)


always try to make your wife proud!

Strong Women!!!!
    Making the World Better by Feminizing Males!!!   Women Taking Control of Society!

"True" Feminists KNOW that WOMEN are Strong!!!   STOP Holding Women and Girls Back!!!
Say what Madam? A democrat stating women are weak and have the nerve to say that Conservative Republicans are waging a war on women?
Female marine=straight respect.
The "New" Female - Male Relationship!!!

I am the GG partner in a loving relationship with a sweet and charming MtF CD. I am a Dominant Top, but not really a Domme or a Mistress, although whatever I am, it's never "submissive".
I am a creative person, currently expressing myself with jewelry making, specializing in upcycling and mixed media pieces, often with an eye towards emulating Victorian/Edwardian designs.
I enjoy pegging my partner with a strap on, but I must confess that for me it has almost nothing to do with dominance, and everything to do with bringing her great pleasure. An intense, sensual pleasure that envelopes us both.

Gender fluidity is a beautiful thing. So is having a lovely, thoughtful and entirely righteous gal as my lover and companion. Liz doesn't simply tolerate or acknowledge my gurl needs, She encourages and contributes to them. She's fantastic, and I'm more fulfilled than I dared imagine before we met.
Working at being the most credibly femme and sexy submissive gurl for Her is hugely beneficial but I still have a long way to go. She deserves and I need and want to become the most stunning and believably femme gurl that I can be.
Being entirely open with each other from the start, Liz has always been conscious of my sub nature and tranny slut desires. GGG to the max, She does all She can to meet my needs. The only thing she can't supply is she-cock (though Vixen's Vixskin toys are astonishingly pleasant), so to that end she's now seeking a local gurl to occasionally share our company. If you (yes, you!) are interested, please be comfortable in your femme skin, decently equipped and totally willing to let Liz call the shots during our encounter(s). I wish it could go without saying that if you are hairy, dominant, lacking a wardrobe, can't do your own makeup, or are forced to sneak behind someone's back to meet with us, please don't waste our time.
Thank you kindly.

Women police officers

Pretty, Sweet and MALE!!!!!

Come on guys…this look is easily achieved…shave down, white penis ribbon, simple bra, panties, suspenders and stockings…some pearls, a wig and basic make up.  All achievable with a little effort


Come on guys…this look is easily achieved…shave down, white penis ribbon, simple bra, panties, suspenders and stockings…some pearls, a wig and basic make up.  All achievable with a little effort.
Set your camera on remote, ask a friend or, if you need to be anonymous, go to a place like a massage parlour where you can pay for a massage and the girls will happily take photographs while laughing at you.


Looks like she deserves to wear white!

#crossdressing #tgirl #sissy #ladyboy #trangender #transvestite

Male Femininity and Gender Role Reversal: The New World Continues to Grow!

Feminized Men Make the Best Husbands! Women that Take Control of their Relationships with Men and Boys, and Encourage Male Femininity are the Pioneers of the Future!