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Modern Japanese Male!!
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A Modern Wedding!!
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Friday, July 25, 2014

A Woman's World???

Masculine Women are Becoming More Common, as are Independent Women...Is it becoming a Woman's World??

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Yup, no choice no more. You're wearing a tux.
Meet Spc. Monica Brown, 19, an Army medic. A vehicle was hit by an IED, her sergeant yelled, "Doc, let's go," and she went. She spotted two injured soldiers, under intense fire dragged them to cover, then received mortar shells and covered the injured with her body and started repairing them through a two hour fight. She saved them both, and received the Silver Star.

Women in law enforcement Law Enforcement Today

Kathely Francis, she is only 14 right now but she is amazing with guns

gun 2nd amendment

serve and protect. #girlscantwhat #policewoman #ladysheriff

Thank you for your service ladies!

Some Views from Women on what the Future is shaping up to...Many Women are Looking to be In Control...and being Dominant!

Hello Big Brenda. Its lovely to have a fellow Sister in the cause of Global Female Supremacy to chat to! I have admired your posts here for a long time. I totally agree that a Gynocracy would offer a much more peaceful, sane and rational organization of society with Womyn at the helm. In reply to my critics I am not seriously proposing the mass extermination of all men! Its a common stereotype to label Female Supremacists as Femi-Nazis. Nothing could be further from the truth. I actually think men are adorable creatures once they have been properly trained and have learned to be suitably obedient in the presence of their superiors. With society free of agendas based on male ego and aggression resources can be put into issues like world hunger, poverty and environmental damage. Its true I do think certain changes need to occur. Men would be required to renounce certain inappropriate rights such as voting, holding public office, management roles, or receiving tertiary education. In return Womyn would be caring and compassionate Guardians ensuring the best decisions were made for all. men that are willing to work hard in serving and pleasing Womyn have to fear.

Goddess AmandaAug 13 2010 11:12am

How far men's rights are taken away or restored will be decided by the future. I cannot guarantee a full Gynarchy will develop although a more matriarchal society is almost upon us. It might be good to clarify here the difference between Matriarchy and Gynocracy or Gynarchy? The former represents a society where the interests of Mothers and their children are central while the latter represents an exclusive government of Womyn. While patriarchy has defined our society for millenia there are undeniably existing trends taking us to a more matriarchal society. The legal system and Courts in many systems across the World tend to favour Womyn over men already. Womyn's growing ascendancy in the workplace favours this feminization of society. Womyn already have more consuming power and wealth than men and the Media is increasingly seeking to woo Womyn as the main drivers of market demand. The developing feminization of society can be seen in other ways such men adopting a more feminine physical look and the current trend away from masculine body hair. Womyn's growing economic independence means they are no longer dependent on men and can dictate the pace of their relationships more. Indeed with Womyn replacing men as the ''breadwinner'' in many relationships men are having to fit around their partners in a more supportive, traditionally Female role. Looking back at ancient pre-patriarchal societies ways in with Womyn were more central to society was through the sole rights to land/property holding and the matrilineal tradition of Royalty. The ancient Picts in Scotland practised these traditions. Even in patriarchal societies today such as Thailand we find the remnants of matriarchal traditions. For example in rural Thailand it is normally the daughter of the family that inherents property. Why might this be? I suspect this relates to Goddess worship in both these ancient cultures and Womyn being identified with the land. In modern societies clear ways to favour a matriarchal society would be for men to adopt the name of their partner so that that the Female line takes primacy. Equally, property rights would pass to Womyn exclusively. However, not all supporters of a matriarchal society would agree with this. Gynarchy on the ther hand refers to rule by Womyn. This could be either exclusively or in effective terms with Womyn making up the vast majority of the Government.

Goddess AmandaAug 20 2010 1:06pm

I'm a 32 year old married female who works out regularly at home with my husband. I learned how to use copulins about six years ago. I use copulins on my husband for two reasons, to calm him because it acts like a drug on him and to reduce his strength also. It works and I have proven it to myself because he can not develop muscles because copulins do reduce testosterone or even stop it's production once the copulin fluid floods the man's balls and I do it to him once or twice a week. My husband's biceps for example have never become bigger than 14 inches and are now 13 1/2 and stay that way as he works out with me knowing nothing of his handycap. My biceps are two inches bigger and actually getting bigger faster as I add protien, creatin, and other bodybuilding supplements. Laugh all you want but I'm finding it real easy now to squirt right in him on a regular basis.

TanyaMay 28 2009 11:25pm

My husban'd biceps are now 12 1/2 inches, an inch smaller now. We workout together. My biceps are now 16 inches so mine are now 3 1/2 inches bigger and way stonger than his. I control sex. I'm convinced copulins lower a man's testostone because his muscles are shrinking. He now practically worships my bigger muscles and continues to take in my copulins three times a week while I continue bodybuilding. I am completely dominant now.

TanyaSep 18 2010 12:53pm

Things changed when I go unemployed. I used to have a well paid job and so did my wife, we made a lot of money, worked very long hours and were drifting apart (no kids). Suddenly the company I was managing lost the biggest account and the owners lost interest in us and just closed the company down. A shock. Suddenly I was looking for a new job. In the meantime my wife said that I could take care of the house and cook while I was looking for a new job. I didn't like it one bit but of course she was right. After a yead I had only had temporary work for a few weeks and was still unemployed. I had started to jog to get over the frustration of being unemployed and lost a lot of weight. My wife was working 60 hours a week and when she came home she wanted a hot meal and then she wanted me to rub her feet. She became more and more bossy and dominant and I felt inferiour. One day I just had it and drank a few beers instead of cooking and was a bit drunk when my wife came home. She was very angry and we had a fight, verbally at first until she slapped me. I took hold of her hands and soon found out that she was stronger than me. She laughed at my attempt to stop her from slapping me and said that she had been working out at her company gym for many years, almost 4 times a week. We wrestled until she had me pinned and suddenly I started to cry. I felt so embarrassed and emasculated. She suddenly started to comfort me and took me to bed where she made love to me. I didn't say a word. Since that night she is the boss in our marriage, I do what I am told to do. I cook, clean the house I am taking care of my wife. And we are actually happy that way.

House husbandJan 22 2012 3:43am

My wife wears the pants and i wear the apron. I dont only cook and clean the house Today my wife puts me to work in a maids uniform and forced me to clean homes of her girl friends. I cry a lot. Even my first name got changed to MIlly and have to address her as Mistress. I have a hard time of being happy and feel more like a slave

Maid MillyFeb 27 2012 12:40pm

What an Opportunity for the Feminine Man!!!

Alejandra Victoria - Venezuela as a girl

Purple Dress 2 - Imgur
Purple Velvet Dress - Transgender Fashion and Style Series - Click thru to add your pics to the #TGmirrormirror -H
Cute 3rd kind tumblr
Girly Boy Allison

Feminized Men Make the Best Husbands! Women that Take Control of their Relationships with Men and Boys, and Encourage Male Femininity are the Pioneers of the Future!

Thursday, July 24, 2014

The Pictures Speak for Themselves!!!

Men can be so Beautiful....Just look at these Gorgous Men being who they want to be!!!

Tranny Crossdresser Trap  Pictures at my tumblr blog

Tranny Crossdresser Trap  Pictures at my tumblr blog

Tranny Crossdresser Trap  Pictures at my tumblr blog

Tranny Crossdresser Trap  Pictures at my tumblr blog

Tranny Crossdresser Trap  Pictures at my tumblr blog

Tranny Crossdresser Trap  Pictures at my tumblr blog

Tranny Crossdresser Trap  Pictures at my tumblr blog

Tranny Crossdresser Trap  Pictures at my tumblr blog

Tranny Crossdresser Trap  Pictures at my tumblr blog

Tranny Crossdresser Trap  Pictures at my tumblr blog

Tranny Crossdresser Trap  Pictures at my tumblr blog

Tranny Crossdresser Trap  Pictures at my tumblr blog

Tranny Crossdresser Trap  Pictures at my tumblr blog

Tranny Crossdresser Trap  Pictures at my tumblr blog

Tranny Crossdresser Trap  Pictures at my tumblr blog
Tranny Crossdresser Trap  Pictures at my tumblr blog
Tranny Crossdresser Trap  Pictures at my tumblr blog

Feminized Men Make the Best Husbands! Women that Take Control of their Relationships with Men and Boys, and Encourage Male Femininity are the Pioneers of the Future!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The World is Being Changed by Women!!!!

More Women and Girls are Realizing the Great Benefits, and "Amusement" of Feminizing Men and Boys....Nice to see that Women are Liking Wearing the Pants....and Putting Boys in Skirts!!!!

(via Cris ‘Cyborg’ Justino shows she isn’t a machine - Yahoo Sports)

Ronda Rousey has a July 5 title defense against Alexis Davis in Las Vegas, though she spent much of her time Friday discussing three potential opponents who aren’t even in the UFC.
The bantamweight champion blistered Cris “Cyborg” Justino for steroid usage, calling it “criminal,” and called for fighters to be banned from competition after one failed test.

She once again said it would be a dream to fight Gina Carano and praised former boxing champion Holly Holm’s skill.

(via Ronda Rousey unloads on potential opponent Cris ‘Cyborg’ Justino for steroid usage - Yahoo Sports)

Anna Maximova (blue) of Russia and Juliana Aguiar of Brazil compete in the women’s semifinal match during International Wrestling Brazilian Cup at CEFAN on November 29, 2013 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. (November 28, 2013 - Source: Buda Mendes/Getty Images South America) (via International Wrestling Brazilian Cup - Pictures - Zimbio)

Women Breaking More Barriers....What can be Done!

I'm not a hairdresser but my sister-in-law, Teresa, and me did take her youngest Evan, he's 8, to the salon with us for a consultation appointment that we had scheduled for a fundraiser that we were participating in. It's a pageant theme and we wanted to get extensions added along with getting our makeup done. So during the meeting with the stylist and makeup artist the stylist commented about Evans "beautiful long hair" and asked if it had ever been professionally styled. We were a little confused by the question and Teresa responded "no" but followed up with, "Why do you ask?" Well she went on to say that they had several clients that have sons with long hair and from time to time they do bring them in. We looked at each other a little intrigued and Teresa asked exactly what I was thinking. What kind of styling to they get done? The stylist went on to say that it varies but they are girl styles from curls and up-dos to ponytails with bows. Then Teresa asked why were they getting a girl hairstyle for their sons? She said that it's usually for some type of costume party but also for other events such as weddings, birthdays, and even for a children's beauty pageant. Evan then jumped in on the conversation and said, "Mom dressed me up as a cheerleader last Halloween but just put my hair in a ponytail and tied a ribbon around it." We all laughed about it but that is exactly what I was thinking about when the topic came up. The stylist then said that she'd love the opportunity to give it a try for fun just to see what she could come up with, give it some thought. Teresa did bring it up on the way home and we talked a little more about it. I'll post again if she says anything more.

Males at the Service of Women!!!

S7 (289) by -bobbiemarie2010- #flickstackr


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Pink sissy maid / Criada sumisa by -Felicia Colette- #flickstackr


8080 by -TVKseniia- #flickstackr


DSC03026a by -lindawhiteuk- #flickstackr


French Maids by -melissa2xs- #flickstackr


Cooking.jpg by -l8xdesires- #flickstackr


20100514_039 by -Kerry May- #flickstackr


Women that Take away the Male's Power are Enjoying a Much Better Life!!!    Men that are Feminized are easy to Control!!!

Petticoating today
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Not_man_enough4u says:

While sitting at the dinner table last week, my sister-in-law started telling us about a young man around who was allowed to dress fem in public by his single mother. We had church camp this week and I made a point of volunteering to head the section he was in in order to see for myself. I almost dropped over when I saw him, because this was one of the "problem" boys who was always disruptive and bullied the others including my own two sons. It was as she described, he was dressed in a tasteful long demin skirt, with a white blouse and his blonde hair was below his ears and neatly parted in the middle. Under the blouse you could see a white training bra and when he moved in the skirt, you could see his slip/petticoat. He turned out to be a wonderful helper, especially with the younger kids as they rotated through our portion of the camp. The other parents marveled at his change of behavior and seemed to accept him.

Near the end of the day, his mother walked over to me with a very satisfied look on her face. I didn't know what to say, but she started the conversation by asking me if I noticed anything different about her son. I replied that I thought that he was doing a wonderful job and that he had a complete attitude reversal from his old self. She just smiled, patted my arm and said that she wanted him to turn out to be a kind, caring man like myself. I uncounsciously looked down to see if my panties were showing because somehow she seemed to know that I was petticoat disciplined as a young man and was still undergoing the process with my wife.
8:47AM, 3 September 2010 PDT (permalink | reply)

cathykenney13 [deleted] says:

Its funny how we go to check out other peoples dress or behaviof, while forgetting about ourselves. Its after we discoverwhat we were looking for, that we remember we are in the same boat.
I work in a small insurance office with 4 women. The owner is also a woman. This one woman would bring her 10 yr old son to work with her. This kid was a real pain and need a kick in the ass. One day this woman walked in with this cute looking school girl. She told her to sit in the chair in the corner. As I stated at this girl I started to realise it was that little pain in the ass. His mother had dressed him in a plaid skirt,white blouse,knee hii and black leather loafers. Hid hair was nice with a bow and pink nail polish like all the girls his age. When his mother noticed me looking she said yes its him and he'll stay that way until he acts properly. Funny thing is I noticed because of my upbringing. But the women in the office just treated him like a little girl. I guess tey all approved.
43 months ago (permalink | reply)
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Not_man_enough4u says:

I had an interesting evening yesterday at church when I attended a scheduled meeting to discuss some preliminary plans for our upcoming church camp this summer. Also at the meeting was the young man and his mother, and I noticed that they were both wearing dresses and son's now much longer blonde hair was tied up with a pink ribbon. Following the meeting, as I was walking out to my car, the mother and son caught up with me on the pretense that she wanted to chat about the meeting.

Anyway, we chatted for around 15 minutes or so, and by that time, we three were alone in the parking lot. Needing to get home, I asked if they needed a ride home since there weren't any other cars in the parking lot. No, she told me, "Lori is picking us up." Being a gentleman, I was going to offer to wait with them, but before I could offer, she asked me to stay for a minute until their ride got there as she wanted me to meet someone.

Just then her car pulled up with a woman driving. We walked over to the driver side and she instructed the driver to get out and say "hello". To my open mouthed astonishment, out stepped her husband, Larry wearing a pink dress with ribbons in his long blonde hair and totally made up with lipstick etc. He kissed her on the cheek and apologized for being late, to which she just said, "we will talk about it when we get home."

Larry/Lori opened the car door for her and as she was getting in, she smiled at me and said something like: "It works for big boys too." As they drove off, I just stared open mouthed and couldn't wait to get home to tell my wife what had just happened. As I burst in the door, and started telling her, Brenda smiled, " I know, I talked to her earlier. What interesting ideas she has!"

I can hardly wait for the next meeting.
39 months ago (permalink | reply)

Feminize That Male Body through Exercising!!!!!!!!

I was sent this Link by Dana of the Followers of the Blog...THANK YOU Dana!!!

Nice to see women Helping in Male Feminization!!!




BEWARE ~ This will happen ~ Tessa sissycuckwannabe
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There is no sucking cock “just this once” to try it
There is no being fucked ” just once “
IF LET HER OR HIM INTO YOUR ASS - this will be your fate !
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THIS WILL BE YOUR LIFE - you will live to dress & be femme

Feminized Men Make the Best Husbands! Women that Take Control of their Relationships with Men and Boys, and Encourage Male Femininity are the Pioneers of the Future!