Modern Japanese Male!!

Modern Japanese Male!!
Soft, Thin & Weak!!

Modern Female

Modern Female
Independent, Strong & Confident!

A Modern Wedding!!

A Modern Wedding!!
Male Bride and Female Groom!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

The New Age of Man!!!

Remember just 50 Years ago when Men Ruled Everything?  Women were the "Helpers", and were to "Look Pretty" for the Pleasure of Men.  Well Things are Changing.....The Men in this Posting are Surely Embracing their Opportunity to be Pretty & Feminine.  What a Nice Change!!!

In the Meantime...Many Women Today will NEVER Submit to that Old patriarchy!!!Can you Imaging Strong Women Like this Submitting to the Men Pictured Below them?


Dani ‘Lil Monstar’ Reardon.

I´m melting!!

And talking about perfection….


Any one have a name for her. … those striations. ..

Oh yeah!!! Who is she?


Cartoonishly huge Hazel Piazza is famous for her… Thighs! And you can’t even really see them here.

Lovely Cindy.

Oh yeah… that´s huge!

Katka…. always hot&impressive.

How Times have Changed!!!!


Please check out my new blog"Sweethearts of the Gay 90’s"PHOTO LAYOUTS FROM THE GAY SKIN RAGS OF THE 1990’S!


ladyboys hot crossdressing and shemale webcams: male to female crossdressing guide:


BlkWhtBustier -2 by JeneeDavis on Flickr.


Sexy in every department.

Feminized Men Make the Best Husbands! Women that Take Control of their Relationships with Men and Boys, and Encourage Male Femininity are the Pioneers of the Future!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The Reality Is Setting In!

Pink Christmas by rocketXpert
End gender roles
men as maids

Feminine Husbands
Boys will be girls
Magazine Covers

Sisy katie
Pink Christmas 2 by on @deviantART
My humiliation. On display for everyone to see me as the sissy I really am. Please Re-Pin this picture of me so I cannot remove it and will have to live with the shame, humiliation & embarrassment of being displayed like this for all to see me dressed like a sissy girl.God yes  It’s heaven on earth!.

The Type of Man a Strong, Independent Feminist Woman Could Enjoy!!!

When its true, it's true...

Gender role reversal
From The Swap club!    Great to see women in the Pants...and Control!!!!
Swap Club

this about covers it
Female side


Naya Rivera advanced chastity training
Some Women are Actively Training Men!!!

It’s autumn but still hot so I had Allison wear a summer dress for his job as a maid. The town house was 3 bedrooms but the living area was small compared to a house so the dusting and vacuuming was easy. Allison has learned at sissy maid boot camp how to clean a kitchen and bathroom thoroughly the way girls like it done so that was no problem for him either. The learning curve was in tidying up the girls bedrooms. They are messy and leave their clothes lying around.

What the problem was is they borrow each other’s clothes sometimes. It’s convenient for them so they are not seen in the exact same outfit too often. Sometimes a girl has a nice outfit another girl thinks would be perfect for her to wear to a particular function, if she doesn’t give it back and leaves it lying on her bedroom floor this causes arguments when the girl that owns it is looking for it to wear herself. Allison had to learn whose clothes were whose and return them to their rooms and hang them up or wash them if required. I had to do some on site sissy maid boot camp with him to teach him what to do.

He didn’t know how to tell if they needed washing as he didn’t know how many times they had been worn. I said to smell them to check for body oils or perspiration. He said all he could smell on them was their perfume. So I said well just look at them and if they look clean hang them up and the girls will decide if they need washing.

The girls bras can be worn a few times and panties need to be washed every wear. They aren’t to be used for girl essence that’s just a thing us teachers at girl school allow. At girl school after a learner girl wears our bras we get them to wash them straight away and we leave them for a few days before wearing them again that allows the elastic to relax and keeps the bras from stretching.

The problem for Allison is learning whose tops and dresses are whose in case someone has borrowed another girls stuff. I had Allison use a digital camera to take pictures of their clothes on 3 separate memory cards with the girls identifying their own gear. Allison had homework to do learning whose were whose; this is a big learning curve so I also had him put the pictures in separate folders on his Ipad and take along for reference.

I also got Allison to get 3 lingerie wash bags in 3 different styles so he could wash their undies in the one load in the washing machine. The delicate and expensive lingerie that had to be hand washed was left for the girls,they preferred to hand wash their own expensive lingerie.

They only had one toilet which was in the bathroom and Allison had to change his dress when cleaning the toilet. At sissy maid boot camp I teach pretend girls they have to use bleach ba
sed toilet cleaners (and gloves) to clean the toilet. Maid Danielle has gotten a spot of bleach on his skirt when cleaning my toilets which left a faded spot on it, so he has to keep this skirt to wear when cleaning the toilets so he doesn’t get all his skirts or dresses marked.
Allison has been allocated a dress to wear only when cleaning the toilet. A maid really benefits from my sissy maid boot camp.

Allison is a learner girl, and we like him to be pretty as a maid and put on makeup and have his wig brushed nicely. He was wearing one of S’s necklaces and her bracelets, but will have his learner plates soon – a silver L necklace and earrings. E has had Allison’s and Kaylee’s ears pierced and they have now just finished with the starter studs and can now wear our earrings. E got Michelle’s ears pierced too after we came back from holidays and he should be OK to wear his dangly P earrings by the time he is allowed to be a girl again. He has to complete a 4 week break from girl world because we made him feel too girlie on holidays.

For boy mode S has gotten Kaylee and Allison boy ear studs. It is getting more common for guys to have 2 ears pierced so boy mode is not a problem. My maid Danielle refuses to get his ears pierced or let me pluck his eyebrows much. At a casual glance he looks like a girl but if you look close you might pick he is just pretending to be a girl so I don’t make him go out or use him much anymore for gender bending fun, I just use him as my maid.
As a maid Allison is still being a girl with at least 2 of the girls at their place so that counts towards his learner girl log. They are not teaching him to be a girl but it is still practical girl experience being around girls doing their housework while he pretends he is a girl.

It is Wonderful to see Young Men being so Feminine!!!!

Changes by on @deviantART

Forced Feminization Desires

Feminized Men Make the Best Husbands! Women that Take Control of their Relationships with Men and Boys, and Encourage Male Femininity are the Pioneers of the Future!

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Gradual Changes!!!

The Gradual Transformation of Men into Feminine Beings is happening All Over the place.  There is a Certain amount of "Satisfaction" in Watching the Masculinity Go Away, Replaced with "Softness" and Femininity!   I would think that for the Feminist Woman, this is Very Comforting!!

hi! I’m Lily, and I recently came to terms with the fact that I am a woman inside, and since then I’ve learned to accept and love me more and more for who I am.
follow me if you’d like :)
[a full body shot of a girl with short brown hair, a gray dress over black pants and a blue gray and black scarf. She’s smiling at the camera and holding her arms together and hands clasped at her front. She’s in front of a white couch.]

Hi, I’m Ellie :) Yesterday was a good day so I had a photo-shoot with my mirror :3 I’ve been on HRT for 4.5 months.
Stay strong. You are a wonderfully unique person and there ARE people out there who will love you and respect you for who you are.
[A full body shot of a chick with glasses and straight shoulder length hair. She’s wearing a short sleeved hoodie, a u neck top and some sweats that go just below the knee. She’s standing in front of a bed.]

A Boy with His Mom!!!  He is in the Fur!
Hi all Karin here from Sweden, i’m 26 8 years on hormones and not have any srs enjoy my life full!
On the picture my mom ( the lady in the black dress ) and me wearing my new white fox fur coat whitch
i have had as an birthday present. 
[Image is of two woman smiling at the camera. The one in front is wearing a cur coat and has short brown-blonde hair. The one in back is has short brown hair and is wearing a black dress. There are decorations around the room. The woman behind her daughter has her arms wrapped around Karin.]

[Image is of a woman outside, looking at the camera. She has chest-length brown hair and is wearing glasses. She is wearing a striped purple and black dress, and has her arms behind her back. She is outside, and there is the edge of a tree, and leaves all over the ground.]
This is a picture of me on the day I got my name legally changed to my preferred name! This is only after 3 months and 1 weeks of hormones. My friends say I pass but honestly at this point I still don’t see it. 

I really do like loli dresses and petticoats.
I wish I could get away with wearing them more often but I’m already  given funny looks for being trans!
[Image is of a woman looking at the camera. She has long brown hair and is wearing a gothic lolita dress. She is outside.]

Hey I’m Alyson :) I’m 17 and a bisexual trans girl living in New Jersey (like 5 minutes from NYC). Message me if you want to talk about anything, be friends, or maybe even moree XOXO
[A full body mirror shot of a mid toned girl with a black pixie cut, dark sunglasses, a red t-shirt and jean shorts. She’s wearing a white and gold bag and is kissing at the mirror]

Been Loving FYCTC for a while. Went fulltime a couple months ago. Photo taken 2 days before starting HRT.
[A woman in a purple low cut dress and black heel sandals, she has short blond hair and is sitting on a chair in front of a white sheet for pictures]

Hi my name is Emily, I’m pre everything, but I will be getting hormones in a month. I finally took a picture that I want to submit! Check me out at I’m always looking for people to talk to.
[A girl with short brown hair, a gray scarf, a patterned top and striped arm warmers]
A Father With His Children!
my name is meta, i’m 31 and still pre everything anxiously awaiting a second assesment.  this is my two lovely kiddies and i one gorgeous day, they’re such sweet blessings and bring out the best in me.
[A woman and two kids. The youngest in the middle has a pink and black t-shirt, black pants and short blond hair. The elder to the left has striped shorts, a green t-shirt and brown neck length hair. The woman is on the right, wearing jeans, a pink tank top, sunglasses and a fuzzy vest. She’s got shoulder length brown hair and is carrying a bag]

A Man & Woman...He is in the Skirt & Nylons!
I am on the right.  This is my first time dressing fully as a woman in public.  Pre-hormones, but starting next month.  20 years old.
[description: Two ladies hugged up against each other in a legs up shot. Both are leaning against a bed with black sheets. The one on the left is wearing a black leather jacket with two tops in layers, one bright green and the other purple and black pants (or a skirt). She has back length brown curly hair held back by a hairband. The woman on the right is wearing a v-neck floral blouse and a black skirt with sheer tights. She has a shorter pixie cut.]
Father & Son!
This is a picture of me with my little one, isnt he adorably cute.
[Image: A woman and her son, upper body shot, she’s on the right. The woman is wearing a strapless top and a pendant necklace along with a cord choker, a hat and glasses. The guy is wearing a t-shirt that says chick magnet and has short hair. Their background is a door and wall, along with part of a lamp.]

Just starting out on my journey, pre hrt and terribly excited for the future. :)
[Image: a smiling light-skinned woman with short blonde hair. She is wearing a purple and black top, a green and purple skirt, a light gray cardigan, a brown leather belt, and leggings. She is sitting on the edge of a bed with her legs crossed.]

Another Father & Son
Hello! I’m Maddie and this is my little boy, Dylan. I’m 32 and hoping to start on oestrogen this year. He’s nearly 1 and hoping to walk and talk soon.
I’m submitting here because no one has started fuckyeahvaguelycutetransparents yet.
Starting a family and coming out as trans has been a stressful experience but I remain cautiously optimistic. Follow me!
[Description: A woman with short hair sitting on a light green couch. She has on a brown cardigan and dark shirt. She is holding her baby, and they are both smiling.]

Name is Brenna (or Bren). I am 26 years old. This was a new outfit I was trying out a while ago. 
His First Women's Swimsuit
Here I am enjoying a beautiful day at the beach, showing off my first women’s swimsuit, and generally being a big goofball!

I haven’t submitted anything in a long while, but I loved this shot so much I thought I would share it! This was my Halloween costume, and I passed the whole night. Great night. <3

Was bored in my pajamas (well a robe) last night and had this cute little wolf hat on my head~ and it was topless tuesday sooooo :3

Me in summer 1987 in Cerritos CA.

Boyfriend - Girlfriend
Hi,It’s ZoĆ« again. How y’all doin’?
My adorably narcissistic girlfriend, Kinsey Hope (yes, THAT Kinsey Hope) wanted me to upload this. ;p'Cause we're ridiculously cute. :)
A Man with His Nephews
Auntie Wendy and her two nephews
Husband (Green Dress) Wife & Daughter
My name is Katie - I’m the tall girl in the green dress. A fun night at a private party event in NYC - I had the honor of waiting for the elevator with a group of guys who didn’t know I was trans. They started trans bashing, and I gave them the most awkward conversation of their lives. I have a Wordpress account at if you’d like to read my thoughts on becoming a Jewish trans woman.

I’m awful with descriptions involving myself…
[Image is of a woman sitting cross legged, outside, and is looking down..  She has short blonde hair, black earrings, and a black necklace.  She is wearing a white top and a black skirt, and pantyhose on her legs. She is sitting on a rocky ‘wall’, with many green trees behind her.]

Just sittin in the garden in my new dress. 

[Image is of a smiling woman wearing a red and white striped dress with black tights. One hand is on her hip. She is standing against a white wall, with a split color background similar to 3D glasses. She has short red hair.]

a few recent pics by my boyfriend
[Description: 3 separate pictures of varying sizes of the same trans chick with varying clothing, poses and hair color. Top Left involves a cuddle post with stuffed animal, pink shirt and dark hair in two tails down the side of her head with a clock in the background. Top Right is a full body shot of her in a black knee length dress with more reddish color to her hair, which is down past her breasts. The bottom picture is a full body shot of her laying with one leg up and holding herself up with both hands in a sweater and a black short skirt, with high heels. Her hair is in the same side tails and is reddish.]

Hi. Love this blog. This is me, unusually done up n femme.

Hi there, my name is Grace and I’m a biology student! I identify as dykey transwoman, however I also identify with being a nerd, slut, and plant geek. 

My name is Danniella…..
[A woman sitting on a light couch. She is wearing a purple, v-neck top and a slightly darker purple skirt. She also has on heels. Her hair is framing her face, and her arm is up. There is a coffee table and the door of the room visible.]

hey, i’m vanessa and i just turned 40 last sept. glad to be on here … i’ll have more pix soon. bye for now!
[Description: A woman in just below knee high boots, a gray and white striped short skirt and a black button down cardigan over a black shirt. Her dark hair is tied back and she’s wearing a white headband further back. Her background is a christmas tree and a closet full of jackets. She is posing with her arms behind her back and looking at the camera.]

No, I wasn’t getting married, I was dressed up for a Princess Party!
I’m something like an MAAB polygender genderqueer, but I was a girl when the photo was taken.
[Description: A polygender woman in an ornate white gown. The gown has lacy puffy sleeves and has see through lace down the front in a low cut design, with a high collar. The individual is wearing glasses and has red neck length hair and is sitting in front of a red and wooden wall with a hanging on it.]

[Picture of a woman with brown hair in a bob.  She is wearing a red cami with thin halter and gray shorts.  She has two woven armlet tattoos, one around each upper arm.  She is looking into the camera with a smile.  Behind her is a fireplace with fire.]

[Picture of a woman with neck-length curly black hair.  She is wearing glasses and a black minidress with boat neck, cap sleeves, and layered skirt.  She is standing with her right leg slightly in front of her left, and has her head tilted to her right.  She has a neutral expression.  In the background is a room with light brown vertical plank detail to waist level and solid white above and white ceiling.  A hallway is visible to her rear right.  An electric radiator, vacuum cleaner, and wooden chair are to her left.]
Another Boyfriend - Girlfriend
My beautiful cutie and I on vacation this summer at Sea World San Antonio. 

(or sometimes Lexi…)
A Woman Checking Out What is Under her Man's Skirt!!

Males being Pretty for Women is a Trend that is Growing!   Strong Women with Feminine Men...a New Future!!!

Feminized Men Make the Best Husbands! Women that Take Control of their Relationships with Men and Boys, and Encourage Male Femininity are the Pioneers of the Future!