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A Modern Wedding!!
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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Men Wearing Panties...Shouldn't We be More Open?

The Title of this post comes from the Mister Poll Question that I have taken the response, by Melissamy from. Mellisa is a married man and Father, that not only enjoys waering Feminine clothing with the Full Support of his wife, but they have also encouraged their young son to be more Girlish as well. The Family is Very Happy about their Femininity. This is Truely a Lifestyle that should be Emulated!!

I too love to wear panties and now wear them all of the time. My wife buys them for me. i also wear other womens items at time and like to wear womens slacks that show a panty line, many women compliment me on my hair and looks and I love the attention. i have also worn skirts occasionally and love to wear pantyhose with them and show off my nice legs. I also wear white shorts that show my panties through them, get a lot of looks and my wife gets a kick out of it too. Sometimes i wear white nurses uniform that shows both bra and panties through them, I have a full head of permed curly hair that many people often stop to see if I am actually a man or women when i do not have makeup on.

Feminized Men Make the Best Husbands! Women that Take Control of their Relationships with Men and Boys, and Encourage Male Femininity are the Pioneers of the Future!


  1. My wife started having me wear feminine things years ago. It started out when she bought me my first pair of panties. Now I don't own any male under ware, I only wear panties. I go to my doctor appointments in panties and there is never anything said. I go to the gym in panties and no one ever looks twice at me. My wife also now has me wear pantyhose with shorts in the summer and if it cool out I wear tights with shorts and she has no problem taking me to the mall or shopping like that.

    I also wear spandex stretch pants in public. I wear a one piece bathing suit to the beach and sometimes I wear a 2 piece bikini.

    My wife several years ago started taking me to her aerobics class and made me wear a leotard and tights and not always the traditional black leotard. I have over 60 leotards of all different styles and colors and I wear no clothes over my leotards so I walk from the parking lot to the building like that. She also signed me up for a ballet class that I've been taking for over 15 years now and I enjoy it very much.

    I also wear night gowns, teddy's and other lingerie at night time. I have a few mini shirts that she has me wear on special occasions and she always keeps my toe nails polished in bright red or pink polish. All my jeans are women's jeans and my dress pants are women's.

    I have rules I must follow or I get disciplined. I do all the house work and cooking in the home and anything else she wants me to do. I get spanked if I don’t get my chores done on time or to her standards. If I swear I get my mouth washed with soap and a spanking. I also get corner time after a spanking so I can reflect on why I was disciplined. Sometimes I get grounded along with a spanking. I have also been spanked in front of her mother, sister and one of her friends. It’s very embarrassing and humiliating but very effective.

    I am very comfortable in my female clothes and I love doing everything for her. I have been asked if I resent her for spanking me but I don’t. I know she does it for my own good and it has made me a better person and I love her more than ever.


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    1. I'm 21 and im not sure i agree with men being spanked or bossed about, don't get me wrong you seem happy and although i would love to have a girlfriend that loved me for who i truly am i wouldn't like to be spanked or forced to do anything against my will, i am strong willed and refuse to be told what to do, i wouldn't mind her making suggestions just not telling me what to do..