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Modern Japanese Male!!
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Modern Female
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A Modern Wedding!!
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Monday, December 26, 2011

Summer Camps for Crossdressing Boys!!!

oday I am attaching a video from Japan, and the Choshi. This is a Crossdressing Summer camp in Japan. When you watch the video, there is no doubt that these are indeed boys...although they are Very Feminine and Pretty. Japan is truely leading the way in Male Femininity. It will be so Wonderful when other countries start to catch Up. feminine and Pretty Boys are so Sweet. Feminine and Pretty men will not rape women or commit Violent Crimes on Average...this is WHY Men and Boys Need to be Encouraged to be Feminine and Sweet!
Feminized Men Make the Best Husbands! Women that Take Control of their Relationships with Men and Boys, and Encourage Male Femininity are the Pioneers of the Future!


  1. yes and i'm so glad that the feminist movement
    are helping to change all males into females we
    need more powerful and radical feminist to get
    involve in this fundamental extreme changes to
    make this world a better place to live in; for
    all females to live in for our mothers for our
    sisters for our aunts for our grandmothers and
    for our Mother Goddess as well, i'm also a
    transgender myself and i may be a little feminist myself; but i really love my femininity
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  2. i'm going public and i don't care if my whole family or any of
    my friends knows that i'm a transgender; i'm a boy, i'm a girl;
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  3. Good for you Mary! It is a Delight to see Men and Boys throwing of the Chains ofSociety and Embrace their Femininity! Men and Boys wearing skirts and dresses and being Pretty is a Good thing for Society...especially with Women taking the Power Positions and subjugating Males to the Feminine Personnas that many of them Want anyway! let us know how you Progress!

    1. thank you Patti, for your encouragement for men and boys to become feminine and submissive to superior females.

  4. I'm transgendered, I'm more than happy for people to be transgendered, and I am a strong activist against idiotic laws such as DOMA, and other restrictions on the LGBT community as well as being an activist for equality among everyone. Now, I came to this site thinking it was an actual summer camp website specifically for Transgendered, but it isn't, and I stayed to see. Now to say that males and boys are the sole cause of crime and that feminizing them is the solution is a bit extreme. Not to mention sexist, women do commit crimes too. I am not a feminist, so maybe I don't see it the way everyone else does, but turning males/boys into girls/women. Either directly (sex change) or indirectly (Cross-dressing, feminization)Should only be done to make the person happy. Not to Stop unruly behaviour promote sexist domination and especially not reduce crime rates or make the world a better place. People will always be who they are, you can't change that, meaning, if they are going to commit a crime, they will, male or female.

  5. "Feminine and Pretty men will not rape women or commit Violent Crimes on Average"

    Oh my God, go fuck yourself. And stop claiming to be a feminist, because you're not. At all.