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A Modern Wedding!!
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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Feminized Male Wife!!

Today's posting actually comes from a Posting at a Yahoo Group back in March of 2009. It was written by a Feminine Man, named Patty, describing his Life as a Wife to a strong Woman. I hope you enjoy his story.
Hi Carola and everybody,
Thanks for your best wishes. I have not been
participating in the groupfor a long time, I know. Yes, I did get married,
in June 2007.My spouse's name is Cam Schneider. Yes, I took her surname and
Ialso proudly adopted the title of "Mrs." Since June 2007 I have
been"Mrs. Patty Schneider." Both Cam and I considered it very
importantfor me to change my name. Even though name-changing has
lostsome of its symbolism in the wider world, we both consider ita way
to show the world that she is the unquestioned headof our household, and I
belong to her. I knowit does not sound "politically correct, but we DON'T
see ourmarriage as a "partnership of equals." We believe one
partnerwears the pants and dominates, and in our case that partner isthe
female. Before getting married we lived together, andat that time we both
participated in the old "Feminine Men -Empowered Women" group. After that we
both dropped out ofthe Internet scene. Cam does not want to do any more
groupparticipation, but I still enjoy it.As I said, Cam and I were
living together for a while before wegot married. She knew I really wanted
to get married but fora while she would not make the commitment, even though
we hada wonderful life together. Before getting involved with meshe had
always lived as a very butch lesbian, always with veryfemme partners. She
eventually realized that what she reallywanted was not a femme woman but a
very femme man. Anywayafter some months of living together she took me out
one eveningto a very nice dinner. She even put on a tie, which she
hardlyever did back then (now she does more often). I wore a
stunningblue silk dress. At that dinner she proposed to me and gaveme an
engagement ring. I was so excited and so overcome withemotion I actually
started crying. We had a small private wedding,officiated by a female
minister (also very butch looking).Our best friends are a lesbian couple.
One of them is very butchand masculine like Cam, and the other one is very
feminine andwears dresses. The masculine woman was Cam's "best woman"
andthe feminine one was one of my bridesmaids. The other bridesmaidwas a
feminine male crossdresser friend of mine, very pretty.The
bridesmaidswore pink dresses, and of courseI wore a long white wedding
dress. Cam andher best woman wore men's suits with ties. At our
request,the minister pronounced us "woman and wife" and announcedus as
"Ms. and Mrs. Cam Schneider." Of course it was the happiestday of my
life.Since then I have been a full-time housewife. I clean, do
laundry,grocery shopping, etc. and of course cook. I always have
dinnerready when Cam gets home, and I serve her. She has commented
oncein a while that she feels a little guilty when I serve her whileshe
sits back and does nothing, but I actually enjoy doing thatfor her. I want
to do it. Clothing-wise, I wear dresses or skirtsexclusively. Cam has never
seen me in pants and does not want to.She is only attracted to a very
feminine image. A lot of crossdresserssay they "love" to wear dresses but I
will tell you that whenyou do it every single day, it gets hard sometimes.
On the onehand, you do get used to it, so it is second nature. On
theother hand, it is a lot of work to put on makeup every day andalways
look pretty, as millions of straight women already know.I usually get up
about forty minutes before Cam does, and put onminimal makeup--just lipstick
and mascara, as well as a verycasual dress or skirt, to serve her breakfast.
Usually I wearvery cheap pantyhose or sometimes no nylons at all, and
casualwomen's shoes with low heels. I usually stay dressed that wayto do
my housework. But about an hour before Cam comes home,I put on full makeup
and change into a nice dress,nice pantyhose, and high heels to serve her
dinner. I alsowear a nice dress if I am going out anywhere during the
day.Because of the economy being the way it is, I may have tofind a
part-time job outside the home (if I can).Cam is not happy aboutthat but
realizes it may be necessary so we can save more money.But she absolutely
forbids me to take any job unless I can goto work wearing a dress. She won't
allow any job that makesme wear male clothes--and I don't want such a job
either. Thatrequirement will obviously make things even more
difficult.For now I am still a full-time housewife.Overall, we are
very happy together. I am too much of a ladyto talk about sex in great
detail, but let's just say thatCam is the dominant partner. Remember
Carola's pictureof the "right position for a man?" That gives you an idea
ofmy position. Frankly, Cam has a big appetite, and of courseI consider
it my duty to satisfy her. But I can tell you itcaused some painful problems
for me at times. I went toa female doctor who knows about our lifestyle and
withher advice and treatment the problems are pretty much fixed nowand
it is finally very easy and comfortable for Cam to makelove to
me.Cam and I are really looking for other couples like us tonetwork
with and be friends with. But we are not having muchsuccess finding such
couples. People on the Internet who saythey are interested in role reversal
are mostly fantasyseekers, almost all male crossdressers with no real
commitmentto the lifestyle. We really want to find other people whoare
really LIVING this lifestyle. We are corresponding with onecouple in
California that we believe are for real, but we neveractually met them.
Feminized Men Make the Best Husbands! Women that Take Control of their Relationships with Men and Boys, and Encourage Male Femininity are the Pioneers of the Future!


  1. Most but not all feminised male wives love their roles . I love being a sissy for a strong woman

  2. My heart goes out to you and Cam. It is wonderful that you have found a working relationship. My spouse and I live a very similar lifestyle. Though she is not particularly dominant or forceful I have freely chosen to take on the traditional role of housewife. As a matter of fact I prefer that role and seem to have a natural aptitude towards being a domestic. As for dressing I took have adopted a feminine image living as a women and take great pride in looking my best for my spouse when she comes home. This is only possible because of her love for me encouraging me to experince my feminine side.

  3. i think its goo dto be a male wife .im amale wife my self ,ilove my role and i think its me its true good she also love it!

  4. Wow! thank you for sharing. I love fairy tale endings

  5. Thank you for the article about house wife reversal roles ,I'm in a relationship like that and love it she makes the money and I keep our beautiful house .I'm always dress in corset, ff-stockings, high heel (nothing less than4-1/2") and a stylish dress or skirt ,she leaves the hem length to me what I want to wear. We are very happy and looking into adopting.

  6. I envy feminized husbands where the Woman is in charge.