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Modern Japanese Male!!
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A Modern Wedding!!
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Saturday, October 27, 2012

The Pretty and Feminine Male!!!

As Male Femininity continues to grow, it is a Delight to see the presence of the Feminine Male in public!   Just this past Sunday, while at a Grocery Store, I got to witness a Very Pretty Man shopping.  He was wearing a Cute Sport Jacket, Women's i believe, a white shirt and Tie with a pair of Short Shorts and Women's Shoes.  His Legs were shaved, although I wish he would have been wearing nylons with them!  He was carrying a purse, and i think he had Light Makeup on.  His hair was shoulder length, put he had a small amount of Faciial he was Definietly Male!   I just Love seeing the Male Femininity Growing and going in Public!

With that said, here is a Link to a Great Site showing some more Feminized Males!    It is so Refreshing to see this Growing!

And here is a Post from 2005 from a Feminine man that is now married to a Masculine Women.  This is the story of how he met up with another Role Reversed Couple!!!

Hello all,

I know our lifestyle is practised by a very small number of
people, but sometimes I wonder if maybe the number is
increasing? Of course, it's impossible to draw this
conclusion from what I'm about to tell you--but we can
hope! A few days ago, I actually saw a role-reversed couple
out in public! I was at a bookstore/coffee shop that I often
go to, and I was wearing a dress myself. I go out dressed
very often, and not just when I am lucky enough to be on a
date. I've been doing this for years and years, and this is
the first time I've seen a role-reversed couple like this
out in the "straight" world.

Anyway, I was browsing in the bookstore when I saw them.
The woman was about 5 foot 8 and fat. Her black hair
was very VERY
short—almost shaved. She was very
masculine-looking in some ways, but you could easily tell she
was a woman. She was not trying to pass as a man. She did have
some very thin hair on her face the way some women do, NOT a
beard like a man, but a little bit of thin hair--a thin
moustache and some thin, fine black hair on the sides of
her face. She had fairly large breasts that she was
not trying to hide. She wore a comfortable-looking man's
shirt, and white chino pants with a thick man's belt. She wore
men's shoes. Of course I don't need to tell you there was
no makeup, jewelry, purse, or anything like that. Most people
would consider this a very ugly woman, but not me :).
I thought she was VERY attractive!!!

she was standing with a man who was about the same height as
her, although he was wearing heels so actually she would
probably be a little taller
than him if they were not wearing shoes.
The man was dressed BEAUTIFULLY, and I mean REALLY
beautifully. He wore a beautiful silk dress in a light
turquoise color. I can tell you I was very jealous of his
dress!!! It was about knee length, with a nice
neckline. He wore tan pantyhose that looked very expensive,
with cream high-heeled pumps and a matching purse.
His makeup and nails were perfect, and he had long blond hair
beautifully styled. I would guess that most of the people
in that bookstore thought he was female, and thought that
the woman was just his friend or maybe that they were lesbians.
I thought they were lesbians at first, but as you know
we T-people are pretty good at spotting others, so it did
not take too long for me to realize what I was really looking
at. I was absolutely sure after I heard them talking to
each other. The man had a very sissy and feminine way of
speaking but you could recognize a (soft) male register
in his voice. The woman was affectionate to him, touching his
shoulder, guiding him around with her arm around his back,

After delaying a bit, feeling shy, I went up and
said hello to them. They were a little reserved at first
but soon they warmed up. The man touched my dress and told
me it was "darling." I thanked him and told him I loved
his dress. Then the woman chimed in and
told us we were both lovely. Can you believe this??? We went
to sit down together and have coffee, and had a great
conversation. It turned out they were recently married.
She called herself "Steve" and she was
a police officer. He called himself "Lindi."
He was a secretary.
The man had always felt feminine his whole life, and the
woman had always felt masculine, but neither
of them felt gay. They met when she was on
duty as a police officer and stopped his car to give him
a ticket!!! (He was wearing a dress).
They said it was love at first sight!

I asked them if
they knew any other couples like themselves. Unfortunately,
they said no. They told me they would LOVE to meet other
role-reversed couples but they did not know of any. I told
them about how I liked to date masculine women and told
them I was looking for a female "husband." I jokingly asked
if they knew any of the right kind of women to introduce me
to. I expected them to say "no" but they actually said
"maybe." The woman Steve has a female friend
on the police force
who is also very masculine. This friend knows their living
situation, and seems comfortable with it. As far as they
knew, this other woman is a lesbian. But one time they
had her over to their house for dinner. When Lindi left
them alone to go wash the dishes, the other woman started
telling Steve how "lucky" she was to have someone like
Lindi, how sweet and pretty Lindi was, and what a
beautiful home he kept. She said she wished she could
find "someone like Lindi." But Steve wasn't sure if she meant
she was looking for a feminine man--probably she was hoping
to meet a feminine woman. Anyway, they are considering maybe
introducing me to this woman now... I am VERY excited and
I am keeping my fingers crossed. I hope I can keep in touch
with this couple in any case. It seems like Lindi wants to
be friends with me. He told me he could tell he and
I had similar tastes in clothes, and said he'd love to go
Dress shopping with me. He's looking for a long evening
Dress for a formal dance. I said I'd be happy to help him any time
So we are going dress shopping next week!

Feminized Men Make the Best Husbands! Women that Take Control of their Relationships with Men and Boys, and Encourage Male Femininity are the Pioneers of the Future!

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