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A Modern Wedding!!
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Thursday, June 28, 2012

The posting for today is Very Long, but Quite Informative!   It is High time that Women take Control of the Society, and this Posting puts a lot in perspective as to how things have been, and how they need to Change.  it ios up to the women to take Control...

Here is some more material reprinted from Christian Home. This is the first of
three parts:

The following letter appeared in the "Letters to Julie" column in the October
1993 issue of
Christian Home:
Dear Julie,
Please send me your free book on female superiority. It took me many years of
but now I agree. For 16 years I waited on my husband hand and foot. But then a
year ago I
caught him cheating on me. I am a Christian, and I went to my church group and
discussed the problem with my friends. Then I told my husband that I would
divorce him
and take everything if he did not do as I said. He cried and begged me not to
I told him to throw out all his men's underwear. I bought him panties, bras,
slips, pettis,
girdles, stockings, nighties, dresses, skirts, shoes, blouses etc. I finally had
the power.
Since that time I have been happy, and he has learned the female side of life.
A month ago he appeared in a dress and heels in front of my church group,
confessed his
misdeeds and asked for forgiveness. He (or should I say "she"?) has been
forgiven and our
life has been better than ever. My husband has become my best "girl" friend.
I always loved to dance and my husband hated it. Now I go out dancing on
weekends with
gentlemen of my choice, and my husband (or should I say "wife"?) is home waiting
when I
My husband has become friendly with my women's club and often plays cards with
etc. when I go out. The girls want to make him ("her") a member. I think it
might be a good
idea. He is a much better person and is much happier since "she" became my
I went to our lawyer and changed my name back to my maiden name. My husband is
to take my maiden name as part of his name.
Even his mother thinks this is great. She says he looks more at home in skirts.
Men are so immature and pliable when you really confront them. They fear
feminine, but when confronted with it, it turns out that they really envied us
all the while.
Girls, you don't have to accept being slapped around and dominated!
Doreen in NY

Doreen's letter seems to have had an impact. Here is a letter from December
Dear Julie,

I am writing with the hope that you can settle a dispute that has arisen between
my wife
and me.
For some reason, my wife has developed an unfounded fear that I will be
unfaithful to her
with other women. I have told her repeatedly that I have never been unfaithful
to her and
never would be. That's the truth.
That doesn't seem to satisfy her, however, and I can't accept what she wants as
a solution
to a nonexistent problem. She wants me to start wearing women's panties instead
of the
boxer shorts I have worn all my life. Her logic is that I would never cheat on
her if I had to
reveal to another woman that I was wearing panties. I have to admit there is no
about that.
I have refused her demands because although I have a high respect for women, I
know I
would never feel comfortable in their clothes, and I don't know what I would do
if I got sick
or injured and had to go to a doctor or hospital knowing I was wearing panties
under my
clothes. How could that ever be explained to a doctor or nurse? I would be
worried and
self-conscious all day long.
We also have a son and two daughters ages 11, 12 and 14 that I'm concerned
about. They
would almost certainly find out. I could just see Dad's panties hanging on the
line with
Mom's and the girls'. What would children of this age think of a pantywaist
Despite my objections and concerns my wife is still pressuring me and has even
taken it
on herself to buy three pairs of panties that she says will fit me and put them
in my
underwear drawer. To add insult to injury, she even showed me where she sewed
name tags in them so there would never be any doubt as to whose panties they
This issue is creating a strain on our marriage, and I cringe whenever the
subject comes
up or whenever I open my underwear drawer and see the panties my wife intends
for me
to wear. I have never done anything to give her reason to suspect me of being
and I feel her demands are unnecessary, undeserved, unfair and unjust. I have
never worn
panties in my life, even as a joke, and I don't think I should be forced to
start now.
Julie, I'm hoping you will support me on this subject so we can get this behind
us. My wife
gets copies of your paper from a friend of hers, and I know she respects your
From what I've read, I know you usually favor women, but I also think you try to
be fair, so
I told my wife I would be willing to follow your advice. I want to be a good
husband and
Please sign my letter INNOCENT AND HAPPY IN BOXERS.

Dear Innocent: Over the years I have had several women friends who made their
or boyfriends wear women's panties under their street clothes, and so I believe
that I can
answer all your questions about this practice.
You say that your wife's proposal is "unnecessary, undeserved, unfair and
unjust." Let us
take these one at a time. You say that you have never been unfaithful to your
wife and that
you do not intend to be. I believe you. But that is not the point. There are
plenty of men
who are faithful to their wives for years, and fully believe that they will
always be faithful,
who quite to their own surprise find themselves yielding to temptation when the
situation unexpectedly presents itself. The question is whether you will
continue to be
faithful in the future, and I don't think that you know the answer to that for
sure. You may
feel confident about this, but there have been a lot of other men who also felt
only to wake up one morning with a shattered marriage.
Therefore I believe that it is inaccurate to say that your wife's proposal is
There is too much at stake here to be complacent. But you also say that it is
When you say that, you seem to be thinking that the only circumstances in which
it would
be appropriate for your wife to take steps to head off infidelity on your part
would be if
you had given her clear evidence that you were at least contemplating such a
course of
action. This is not the case. What your wife wants to do is to help you resist
The fact that you have been faithful in the past does not mean that you won't be
in the future.
Adultery is a common problem in our society today. All you have to do is turn on
television to see it nonchalantly portrayed as if it were an ordinary facet of
life. In today's
society, every married woman can only worry that her husband will yield to
temptation. So
your wife is going to worry just because of the times we live in. Her concern
does not have
to be based on anything she has observed about your behavior, just the
statistical fact that
so many men are unfaithful.
You go on to say that it is unfair and unjust for your wife to ask you to wear
panties. Here you seem to be saying that she is trying to punish you for
something that
you haven't done. You are mistaken about this. True, you haven't been unfaithful
to her,
but on the other hand she is not trying to punish you. As I said before, she is
only trying
to help you resist temptation. If she were to wait until you actually committed
adultery, it
would be too late. Even if the odds were only one in ten, or one in 100 that you
might do
so in the future, it still seems to me that wearing panties would be a very
small price to
pay to head it off. Think of it as buying an insurance policy. If people bought
fire insurance
only if they believed that their homes would burn down within a year, no one
would ever
buy insurance. All your wife wants is a little insurance against adultery.
You say that you have a high respect for women but that you would never feel
in women's clothes. I think that is a bit of a contradiction. Most women wear
articles of
male clothing from time to time without feeling the least bit uncomfortable, so
why would
you feel uncomfortable wearing female clothing? Let me tell you why. Almost all
men have
picked up a certain contempt for women when they were boys, although for a lot
of men
this contempt is mainly unconscious. I suspect that for you it is also
unconscious, but that
doesn't mean that it isn't there.
I have written on this topic of why women will wear men's clothes but men will
not wear
women's clothes at some length before, and I do not want to repeat myself here.
If your
wife has a copy of the August 1993 issue of Christian Home, you can read my
about this. If she doesn't have a copy, you can send me a stamped,
envelope, and I will be sure that you get a copy of the editorial. You should
read it over
and then discuss it with your wife.
You also raise the question of what to do if anyone finds out that you are
wearing panties.
First you mention the possibility that you might have to go to a hospital or to
a doctor,
and you wonder how you could explain your feminine underpants. I once talked to
surgeon about this, and he said that he had seen a lot of men who wore women's
underwear. "It's more common than you think," he said. Men who no one ever
of wearing female clothes get pulled out of auto wrecks not only in panties but
in garter
belts and nylon stockings too. This doesn't happen every day, but it does happen
enough that hospital staffs are used to it. I can assure you that if you were
carried into the emergency room, you wouldn't have to explain a thing. No one
would ask
you about it because they have all seen it before. And the minute that you are
it will be completely forgotten.
A doctor's appointment or a scheduled trip to a hospital would be different,
however. It
seems to me that if you had an appointment to see a doctor, you could ask your
permission to wear your old boxer shorts just for the occasion.
You also ask what your children would think. I mentioned before that I have
friends who
have put their husbands in panties, and so I can tell you what to expect here
too. It won't
bother the girls a bit. They may be surprised, but surprise is not the same as
shock, much
less trauma. You will find that they accept it quite easily.
Boys are a little harder to predict. The problem here is that boys tend to look
down on
girls and think that females are inferior. If your son has picked up these bad
toward the opposite sex, then he might be disappointed that you are wearing
clothing. On the other hand, since he has a good mother and has grown up with
sisters (this makes a big difference), he might have developed enough respect
for the
opposite sex that he wouldn't care what you wore.
Here you have to keep in mind the basic asymmetry: Females often wear male
but males hardly ever wear female clothing due to prejudices about girls picked
up in
childhood. These prejudices are cultural in origin and are not innate. if your
son is
prejudiced against the opposite sex, then it is the responsibility of you and
your wife as
his parents to help him deal with his prejudice. Again, let me suggest that you
read my
editorial and discuss it with your wife. You have time; as long as you don't
parade around
the house in your new underpants, it should be quite a while before anyone
catches on.
So my advice is this: Wear the panties that your wife has picked out for you
except when
you have an appointment to see the doctor. It will give her a degree of peace of
mind. You
can tell your wife that [1] you have no intention of ever being unfaithful to
her and that [2]
in order to prove this to her, you promise to wear whatever underclothes she

Here is the August 1993 editorial:

We at Christian Home often point out that women will sometimes wear men's
clothes, but
that men almost never wear women's clothes. We further point out that this
discrepancy is
easily explained by the contempt for females that boys pick up and internalize
at an early
age. Boys learn to look down on girls, and as a result, they become allergic to
articles of
feminine clothing. Girls, however, do not acquire the same low opinion of boys,
and so
they are quite comfortable wearing boys' clothing from time to time.
I occasionally get a letter from someone who insists that we are wrong about
this. These
writers say that no women in their areas ever wear any articles of male
clothing. Most of
these letters come from men, although I did get one from a woman who lives on a
farm in
Texas. So for all of you who have written me to say that women never wear men's
I will present you with evidence.
The phenomenon of women wearing male clothing is so pervasive that it is often
portrayed in women's magazines. In order to prepare this article, I went around
the corner
and bought a few such magazines. Then I went through them, looking for pictures
women wearing men's clothes. Here is what I found.
On page 80 of the July issue of Cosmopolitan there is a picture of a woman
wearing her
boyfriend's shirt. The picture is meant to illustrate an article about the
unmarried couples have when they decide to start living together. The
shoots them moving things in the front door, and in order to portray their
having been a
couple for some time, she/he has the woman wear a man's shirt—which the reader
then assume must be the boyfriend's shirt.
Borrowing a shirt from one's boyfriend or husband is a common practice for
women. But
men never borrow blouses from their girlfriends or wives. They won't wear them
the house, much less out in the street. This is because they view women as
inferior to
themselves and their male buddies, and so they see wearing a frilly blouse as
Let's move on. On page 143 of the August Glamour there is an advertisement for
which portrays a woman wearing her husband's pajama top—and presumably nothing
else. The husband is wearing the matching bottoms, and she is rather playfully
getting in
his way while he is shaving. The point of her sharing his pajamas is to portray
them as a
close, romantic couple.
But it is difficult to imagine a man wearing his wife's pajamas. Can you see him
in perhaps
her lace-trimmed nylon baby doll with matching panties? Of course not. Men have
too low
an opinion of women to do such a thing. Their contempt for women is so deeply
rooted in
their male psyches that they won't wear feminine clothes even in the morning
before work
when only their wives could see them.
This Sassaby ad is aimed at women in order to get them to buy Sassaby products.
Try to
imagine an advertiser targeting men with an ad showing a man in his wife's
pajamas. Not
only would it not help sales, but their sales would probably plummet, as men ran
the other
way to escape any recollection of the image in the ad.
There is more. Men's clothes are even modeled by women in fashion spreads. The
issue of Seventeen features its back-to-school fashion coverage, where they
tell us that
the new trend is "athletic gear mixed with anything you want, guaranteeing that
your style
will be unstudied this fall (unlike your books)." Then we see modeled not only a
number of
female items (along with tips on how to mix them with non-athletic clothes), but
some male ones from B. U. M. Equipment. On page 187 one young woman models a
hooded sweatshirt and a boys' navy sweatshirt. On page 190 another models a tony
sweatshirt in a maroon stripe. Then on page 191 yet another model sports a boys'
This fashion spread is meant for teenage girls. But it would be hard to imagine
a magazine
recommending to teenage boys that they wear girls' pink sweatshirts. In any
case, the boys
wouldn't wear them because they would see it as degrading to wear girls'
Degrading, because they think they are superior to any girl.
The August Mademoiselle also features models wearing articles of male clothing.
In fact
there is one right on the cover: a "men's melton pea coat" available from Schott
Bros. But
that's not all. White shirts for women are a big thing right now, and
Mademoiselle gives us
several pages of them. And on page 154 there is a model wearing a men's tuxedo
available from Alfred Dunhill.
I mentioned earlier that a man would not want to wear his girlfriend's blouse
because men
think women are inferior to them. Women will wear men's shirts, but men will not
women's blouses. Nor will men wear women's coats, although women wear men's
even on the covers of fashion magazines.
The reason for this discrepancy is the contempt that men have for women, either
consciously or unconsciously. Now do you guys get the point? Contempt.

Here is a Video of a Very Pretty Feminine Man.  This is the "Role Model" of what Young Men should be striving for!

And it is always GREAT to see a Female BEAT a Male in Wrestling.  Boys NEED to be Pretty Cheerleaders for the Stronger Girls!!!

Feminized Men Make the Best Husbands! Women that Take Control of their Relationships with Men and Boys, and Encourage Male Femininity are the Pioneers of the Future!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

We Males LOVE Our Femininity!!!

Here is a Story from one of the Forums about a Guy and his Accepting Girlfriend.  It is a Delight to see men being Feminine WITH the Support of the Women in their lives!!!

I have a wonderful GF who shares her girl cloths with me. This weekend we were getting ready to go shopping and she recommended I wear her capri jeans. They fit so nicely hugging my butt and my pantylines were very visible. We live in a warm climate and have shopped quite a few times while I was wearing her short-shorts (always light and thin material). She gets kind of giggly and is always there holding my hand. I love it when she holds cloths up to me or points out my style of girl cloths. She has bought me a few girl tops and shorts as well.
On our shopping trip this weekend I mentioned the cool, unrestricted, free feeling of wearing a skirt and she told me she wouldn't mind if I wore a skirt. I was elated. As we were looking at shoes she kept pointing out high heels she thought would look good on me. I told her my legs were sexy in a pair of pumps (we are both tall and thin). She went on to say, "I'm sure I'll see you dressed in a skirt and heels soon.
She has been bringing up having me dress a few times in the last couple of weeks. So, I think I am going to surprise her tonight when she gets home from work. She always calls me girl, says you're such a girl and treats me like one during those special times (if you know what I mean).
My bikini has given me some cute little tan lines, so it's time to shave my legs again, paint my toenails and get ready for my big night... I'm so excited... I'll let you know how it turns out.

Here is a Posting from a Yahoo Forum on the Encouragement of Male Femininity.  It is Nice to see more mothers wanting to Feminize their sons.  What is Wrong with a Male wanting to be Pretty and Sweet?  I Think it is a Good thing!

Here are some notes on putting boys in dresses.
The crucial variable is the child's age. The younger he is the easier it will
be. Very young
boys often enjoy dressing up in girls' clothes without any urging from anyone
else. They
like the pretty colors and the fancy detail.
But then as they get older there comes a point where they become allergic to
feminine clothing. This reaction is not innate; it is learned behavior. What has
happened is
that they have learned about male privilege and have come to view girls as
inferior to
The point at which this unfortunate change in attitude occurs has gotten
earlier in our society. It used manifest itself around the age of seven, as boys
their first year in school. Then, with the proliferation of kindergarten
classes, it began to
occur at about the age of six. (We analyzed this situation in our article "Why
Girls are
Yucky.") Now, with the rise of day care centers and preschool, it is happening
earlier still.
If you dress a boy in girls' clothes at an early enough age, there should be no
problem at
first. But in most cases, the day will come when he resists putting on his
pretty, feminine
clothes. At this time it is important to keep in mind the reason for his
resistance: his bad
attitude toward girls which he has picked up from other boys (and men). You must
be firm
with him because to cave in to his desire to wear only boys' clothes from then
on is to
cave in to his wrongheaded attitude toward the opposite sex as well.
Starting an older boy wearing girls' clothes is more difficult. Again you must
be firm with
him, and you might even consider recruiting the assistance of a female friend or
relative. If
you expect a lot of resistance, you could do it in stages. Begin with a girls'
nightie, and be
sure to impress on him that no one outside the household is going to know about
it. Then
after a week or two you can take all his undershorts away and tell him he is to
wear only
girls' underpants. Again, no one else will know; it will be your little secret.
Then once that routine is well established you can tell him some weekend or
evening that
the two of you are going to play a game called "mother-daughter." Then bring out
dress etc. and dress him up. The two of you can then do things together around
house. After you have played "mother-daughter" at home a few times you can take
shopping with you.
In the meantime you can redecorate his room in a more feminine manner and make
available some age-appropriate girls' magazines.

Feminized Men Make the Best Husbands! Women that Take Control of their Relationships with Men and Boys, and Encourage Male Femininity are the Pioneers of the Future!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Here is a Story from the EP Site about a young man that wanted to be Feminine and Pretty, and fortunately, he had an understanding mother that helped him along.  How many young boys WANT to be Feminine and Pretty but are FORCED to be "Macho"?   Nobody seems to think that that is wrong though?????   I am so Happy for miriam, and I salut his Mother for being a terrific Mother and Person in general!

Here is his story:

I Thank My Mom

Posted June 10th, 2012 at 12:01PM

And here is a Link to another great Video of another guy that likes being Pretty.  Who are we hurting by being Feminine?  No One!!!

Feminized Men Make the Best Husbands! Women that Take Control of their Relationships with Men and Boys, and Encourage Male Femininity are the Pioneers of the Future!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Followup from June 9th Posting!!

Yoday's posting is a followup from the Posting on June 9th from my Friend Michelle...."A Changed Man"!   Michelle was Gracious enough to Write a Followup to his story, which is what I am posting today.  Some people Question whether or not Male Feminization is happening....YES..It is!!

Here is Michelle's followup:

I remember writing that, and how emotional it was for me; I remember the first few weeks as my wife's maid.
The photos and video was taken by my Mistress's niece and hidden away the threat of exposure very real; my wife now Mistress was fed up with me. At the time I considered myself a man's man, and my group of male friends were crude and rough and my fear of them finding out was very real and very strong.
I realize now while men are supposed to be so strong and manly we are actually quite vunerable to being force femmed. The shame and fear kept me coming home after work and meekly slipping into my uniform and doing the housework, cooking and then pleasuring my Mistress in whatever way she desired, and surrendering to her punishment and training.
The wonderful new fabric, that men never feel against their skin, the intense arousal that they caused, played a very large part in my conversion and it wasn't very long before I wanted to come home and dress in pretty panties, and matching bras and my uniform.
I wasn't wearing a sexy french maid halloween costume. I still have the uniform in my closet. My wife and Mistress bought it from a uniform supply place called Lydia's. It is a teal and white stripped hotel maid's uniform, with a white apron, and the white women's tennis shoes the maid's wear. Originally it was mid calf in length, but Mistress altered it to above mid thigh.
Slowly my closet and dresser changed, my boxers gone all but one pair for doctor visits and such. My socks to anklets and stockings except a couple of pair for work. My jeans became summer dresses and skirts, my shirts blouses.
Sometime later my Mistress said she wanted me to become her wife, I agreed and the maid's uniform was put away. Then surrendering my job and becoming Mechelle accept when out in public. Recently we bought a new home, and with that home I became Mechelle, my new neighbor only know the two women who moved in next door.
My Mistress's niece still comes over and lives very close to us, along with her ex husband Desiree.

I have asked Michelle if he and Mistress might someday renew their Wedding Vows, with him being the Bride this time.  that has not happened yet!  But because it is June...I am posting some Photos of Male Brides.  I think we men have Real potential as Brides!!   Feminization of men and Boys is Growing.  I Hope others will join in..especially Women that Love the thought of having a Pretty Man in their lives!!!

Here is a Video of a Very Pretty Japanese Man.  It is a Delight to see men being so Pretty and Feminine!!

Feminized Men Make the Best Husbands! Women that Take Control of their Relationships with Men and Boys, and Encourage Male Femininity are the Pioneers of the Future!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

New Roles and Outlooks for men and Women!!

Here is a Great short Video of a Canadian Female Bodybuilder.  As you will see, she is not only a Very Muscular and Strong Woman, but also an athlete...Wrestler, Jujitzu ane Hockey...traditional "Male" Activities!!

Now here is a Very Interesting Video...Female Bodybuilder versus Male Boxer.  Think about this...the Culture keeps telling Females that they are the "Weaker" is a "Weaker Female" Beating a Male Athlete..a Boxer.  Just think If we Encouraged Males to be Pretty and Sweet...what would the Difference be then!   Female Power is on the Rise!!

And now for some Contrast...look at the Lovely man in his Pretty Pink Mini Dress and Pink High Heels!   The Lack of Muscle in his arms...the Sexy pantyhose encased legs.  Isn't this a Lovely Development?  The Once high and Mighty Male that subjected Women and Girls to "Submissive and Inferior" Status, now being the "Weaker" and Feminine
one!   This is Why I LOVE Gender Role Reversal.  Men like this will NOT be raping Women and girls...They will Not be Inflicting Violence on others!  Isn't this a Better way?

And to finish off this series of Links...a Young College Man.  I think he is about 19 yrears old.  He is Quite Petite at 5'4" and 110 Lbs.  He looks so cute in his Ultra Mini Skirt and Nylons and heels.  We are heading into a New era.  I Love it!!

And Look where this is Lreading with the Youth....Young Girls into powerlifting.  While many Boys are playing Video Games, Not developing Strength.  Gender Role Reversal in the Youth...GREAT!!!

Feminized Men Make the Best Husbands! Women that Take Control of their Relationships with Men and Boys, and Encourage Male Femininity are the Pioneers of the Future!

Friday, June 15, 2012

Crossdressing Couples

Here is yet another story from the EP Site.  this is an indian person, describing hpow he and his friend are into wearing arees and other Feminine clothing, while their wives wear jeans and T-Shirts!   I think it is Delightful seeing us males being Sweet and Feminine wjile the women in our Lives take on the more Dominant Role!!

Crossdressing Couples

Posted December 21st, 2010 at 7:20PM

What's Your Story?

Feminized Men Make the Best Husbands! Women that Take Control of their Relationships with Men and Boys, and Encourage Male Femininity are the Pioneers of the Future!

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Wheter Forced or Voluntary...Male Feminization IS Happening!!!

Here is another delightful Story from the EP Site.  I Know the person that wrote this story, and YES!!!!!   It IS TRUE!!!   He is a Very Pretty Male Housewife to his Successful "Mistress"...Wife!   This is happening in more and more households everywahere1   Men and Boys being Pretty and Feminine is what a certain Percentage of Women WANT.....I Hope this trend Continues!!

Here is the Story:

Changed Man

Posted May 19th, 2010 at 8:29AM

Feminized Men Make the Best Husbands! Women that Take Control of their Relationships with Men and Boys, and Encourage Male Femininity are the Pioneers of the Future!