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Monday, January 14, 2013

Petticoating and Male Femininity on the Grow!!!!

Today's Posting is Actually some Comments made about a Story on the EP Site, and it concerns the Future of Gender Roles and Clothing.  I Find it to be Quite Intriguing!!  The Future will be Quite Different from the Past, and it seems to be Coming together in a Quick Fashion!!!

In my lifetime I have witnessed the first stages of the feminist revolution where women demanded and won the right to wear pants, to the nearly complete overthrow of the patriarchal system. It really frightened me as a young boy that someday women could have authority over men and every echelon of society. My observations as a young boy and as an adult have led me to believe that it would possibly be a better thing for society if women were gain authority over men both in society and in the home. I believe women are better suited to rule and men are better suited to submit. Women have nearly achieved that goal as they become the breadwinners and males find themselves assuming the submissive role of homemaker. One thing I have observed more recently is that women have now made pants their garment of choice. I rarely see a woman wearing a skirt or dress. I believe it is time for women to demand that men and boys wear dresses, skirts and blouses, panties, lingerie, and many ot the other garments so long associated with the feminine gender. Feminine needs to become the new masculine! Men and boys need to become more concerned about dressing up for the women in their lives. We need to strive to become more beautiful for you women. I yearn for the day when women wear the pants and have complete control and authority over men, and men wear the skirts and blouses, and pretty dresses, and willingly submit to the women in authority over them.

    This day is coming, I talk to many mothers each week that already have or considering petticoating their sons. These moms are committed to the cause and enforce a very strict set of rules on their former masculine sons. The boys (most of which were rough and tumble; sport loving boys) are tuned into prissy girly girls who are kept in dresses full time (never allowed to wear pants, not even leggings), a number of these former junior sport stars are cute little ballerina or beauty queens now. Women are taking control and preparing the next generation of masculine girls and feminine boys.
Thank you so very much for believing this and living the lifestyle and sharing and spreading this vision of a wonderful world where women take their truly deserved place of superiority. I can not thank you enough. Please never stop.
a week ago

 A Beautiful Man...New Age Masculinity...I LOVE It.  He is so Pretty!!!!

 And a Comment from Pennysue on the Petticoating...Although she was taken from us in 2007, she is still an Awesome Inspiration for the Movement of male Feminization!!!

 petticoating punishment is a great punishment for both disobedient boys and husbands. Today it is often used my wives and mothers who want to feminize their sons or mates. You tell them they have to dress feamle for a specific period of time usually 3 days or longer, say a week, Then everytime they cause a upset or complain you make the punishment longer. Eventually you may find that many guys start liking it,, then you can start to partly or permanently feminize them. My husband now dresses as a woman full time and my sons are all being raised as girls. i did not use petticoating punishment on them, but I pretty much guided them into the fem lifestyle. My boys i just started dressing them as girls, no choice to them. My husband was wearing womens panties when i met him and confessed, that he liked other womens clothing, so i just gradually got him to wear more and more and then just got rid of all of his male items. I have helped other mothers feminized their sons by first starting at petticoating punishment and today many still dress as girls all or most of time. The feminization of males in todays society is what we need in this world. it also calms disobedient boys and makes them calmer more compasionate people



Feminized Men Make the Best Husbands! Women that Take Control of their Relationships with Men and Boys, and Encourage Male Femininity are the Pioneers of the Future!

1 comment:

  1. hello Patti, it's Anne-Marie from EP,


    "One thing I have observed more recently is that women have now made pants their garment of choice. I rarely see a woman wearing a skirt or dress."

    That'S what I was saying all a long.
    And aomme other people on EP have noticed it too. One of the question that I pose "Who wears more skirts and Dresses, women or the new feMALES"

    And as for we women demanding that the new feMALES wear there skirts and dresses and forget about pants all to getter, I think it'S just a matter of time. And best of all we won't even have to force things. Just let time take care of it. I believe it's a self fulling prophecy sort of speek.

    You have to remeber that we women wore pants in the house only to start with back in the 40's-50's and 60yrs from thos dates it's just the only garment we wear. same thing is happenig but on the reverse, you see more sissy, travestie ect... wearing there clothing at home but with time that will not stay like that for ever.