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Modern Japanese Male!!
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A Modern Wedding!!
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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Feminine is "In" for Men & Boys!

How We Influence Kids will Help Determine How They Will Be!

From a Yahoo Group:
I don't want my to boys to grow up to be macho types, instead I much
prefer for them to be gentle, educated men supportive of a strong
wife. I have not broached the subject of letting them try girl's
clothes or hairstyles because I know my wife would disapprove.

However, I found one activity this summer which I believe will be
excellent for teaching them domestic skills as well as better
interaction and respect for girls. My wife had noticed that our kids
really enjoyed helping her in the kitchen. Fortunately, a new business
opened locally, a 'young chef's school', and so I suggested that we
enroll them in a Summer camp. My wife was very enthusiastic about this
and so were the kids. The camp was four hours a day for one week.
They learned a lot of recipes and new cooking skills. The gender ratio
was about 65% girls/35% boys, just enough boys for them to be
comfortable, but yet in a predominantly feminine

I think it was a very positive experience for them, and will further
their domestication. Who knows? Maybe one of them will some day
attend a Culinary academy and become a famous chef...

I agree totally. Its important to have your sons play a domestic role
as well. Cooking can be fun and entertaining. Just think about it,
when people have parties the majority of them are in the kitchen. It
seems you have two great kids who will do well

I wished I had spent more time with my mom learning how to cook and
even sew. My problem was being the youngest child with two older
sisters and a brother from which I would get teased. One of my worst
fears was being embarrassed so it kept me from doing some things I
really wanted. I am glad you found this class and it may be a good environment
the boys to learn some skills and interact with girls in a positive
supported way.

It is important for males to respect women and see the influence they
have on our society. I remember my mom and dad having a discussion on
the equality of men and women back in the mid 70's. It was in a
playful manner and after noticing me paying attention my mom asked me
if I thought men and women were equal. I replied yes. You can debate
all you want about comparing skills or physical strength and the like
but what it all comes down to is they both have an equal important
role in this world. I want it to be one that complements the other.

And If you Influence a Girl to be Strong...She Becomes Strong!!!

Influence Boys to Be Pretty...You Get Pretty Boys!!!


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Feminized Men Make the Best Husbands! Women that Take Control of their Relationships with Men and Boys, and Encourage Male Femininity are the Pioneers of the Future!


  1. I loved this statement of yours.....

    "Feminized Men Make the Best Husbands! "

    That is so true

  2. Is it wrong that I am a boy and feel that boys are stupid? I love seeing girls triumph over boys and when they realize they can't win they join the girls. Boys would just shun the individual they feel is weaker and just reject them. Girls I feel would take that weaker person and teach them how to be a woman a perfect lady ready to take on the world.

  3. Hi Sharon & Tommy! Sharon...You are an Extremely Intelligent Woman!! Women as yourself are Realizing the Great Benefits of having Feminine Men and Boys in their lives! As we transition into a Better world where men learn to be Soft.....The World will be so much better! Tommy.....You are just a person that Realizes that Femininity can be Embraced by either Gender...It is Wonderful for us Feminine Males to be Accepted AND Encouraged by Women and Girls! The World IS Changing!!!