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Modern Japanese Male!!
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A Modern Wedding!!
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Friday, July 26, 2013

Reversing The Gender Roles in the 21st Century!!!

Male Models like Stas are a Growing Trend!!!

She is a he.  Stas Fedyanin
Once a Man Tries Femininity...Most Really Enjoy it!!!

Encouraging Mach Males to Become Feminine is what many Smart Woman are Doing!!!!  As Women Become the Breadwinners...Males need to become Docile, Pretty Wives!!!

Felipa Tavares
More Mothers are Enrolling their Sons into Womanless Pageants with Great Results!!!

I wonder if his mom or his sister did his makeup?

Some of my Favorites
...what a lucky guy
Many Mothers Like to Dress their Sons Up for Halloween!!
His Mom picked out his outfit.

Another great Experience of a Young Boy getting to Wear a Dress!!!

Girl Scouts
By: MyFeminineSide
Written on July 5th, 2013

Check out These Videos...The Male in the Nightie, Panties Stockings and High Heels...the Look at the Muscles on this Woman!!!    AWESOME!!!!

Here is a Link to a Page about a teenage Couple that is Transitioning.  I HOPE they will Remain Male and Female, but just with the Opposite Genders...This is the Future that Many of us DREAM of!!!

While Many Men and Boys are Enjoying Their Femininity...More and More Women are Experiencing the "Traditionally Male Activities"...It is AWESOME!!!!

Women's tackle football in Seattle


It's a big football weekend with the Huskies against the Cougars in the Apple Cup, Oregon versus Oregon State in their Civil War, high school football championship games, and the Seahawks at home against the Carolina Panthers.
There's another Seattle football team you might not be familiar with that has won their Northwest division title six times. Their overall record since 2002 is 52 wins and 5 losses. The team is the Majestics.
This isn't powder puff or flag football. The Seattle Majestics are a women's tackle football team - full contact, pads and helmets. It's the real deal.
Camille Head has played wide receiver and free safety. Heather Gallemore has been a defensive end, tight end, wide receiver and long snapper.
Head and Gallemore are co-owners of the team that started in Tacoma in 2002. Four years ago they moved to Seattle and now they're part of the Independent Women's Football League.
The Majestics, are not the Mist (the Seattle women who play lingerie football). This kind of football is played with most of the same rules as NFL football. Head says people who are skeptical about it, haven't seen the Majestics play.
"Once you see the techniques, once you see the girls hit, once you see the big plays happen, you know the quarterback throwing the ball 40-50 yards, the receivers how they catch, it's traditional football and it's really cool," says Head. "I think that's the biggest surprise is that it's the real deal."
Why is she into it? She's athletic, and she grew up with four older brothers.
"I ended up having a love of the sport since I could walk," she says. "I unfortunately ended up playing soccer most of my entire life. I learned about women's tackle football and ended up going to a practice and absolutely loved it."
These women are strong, they're tough and they play for the same reasons the guys do - the fun, the competition, and the challenge.
"I'm definitely not getting rich off of owning the team, unfortunately. I would love to just do that for a living," says Gallemore. "It's a love of the game and just wanting to provide the opportunity for females to play the sport."
Gallemore would like to bring football for girls to local high schools too.

"We are trying to create a program locally where we can at least start a flag program in high schools," she says.
The Majestics are holding open tryouts this Saturday (12/4) at Franklin High School in Seattle - 3013 S. Mt. Baker Boulevard. Registration starts at 8:30, the workout begins at 9:30. The tryout/camp is geared toward the rookie player. The upcoming season for the Majestics begins in April of 2011.
Seattle Majestics photos courtesy Todd Stefan, Stefan Photography
Some Women are Learning that their Men WANT to be Feminine...They NEED to Encourage the Men's this Woman is doing by asking for Advice!!!

I'm New Here
By: MyPrivateWorld
Written on July 25th, 2013

Feminized Men Make the Best Husbands! Women that Take Control of their Relationships with Men and Boys, and Encourage Male Femininity are the Pioneers of the Future!

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